College life is different from school life and,10 hacks for College Going Students that wouldn't be taught in lecture, hacks for college students

Transitioning from being a school student to a college student isn’t easy. To help ease the burden, we are listing down 10 hacks for College-Going Students that won’t be taught in lectures to help tackle the day-to-day issues of students-

  1. Google Docs

Always use Google Docs or other such platforms to write your assignments/papers. Since it is cloud-based it saves all your work. Often with using software such as Microsoft Word, the risk is that you might lose all your work due to some mishap with saving the document. Google Docs eliminates this issue.

  1. Spring for Cables

Charging cables are often made of rubber and other such materials that wear down easily. Sometimes too much bending or use can lead to breakage leaving the delicate wires inside exposed. To prevent this from happening, wind a small spring around the end of the cable. This will keep it from bending too much and thus increase its longevity.

  1. Record your lectures.

If your professors allow you, record all your lectures to prevent missing out on something important while taking notes. This is helpful not only to listen for a better understanding but also can act as a substitute for revision notes during exam season.

  1. Amplify your Alarm

Is your alarm too faint? Do you oversleep despite your alarm ringing for what seems like hours? Just put your phone into a plastic cup and then place it a distance away from the bed. This both amplifies the speaker and forces you to get up to switch it off.

  1. Battery Bounce Test

Use the test to check the condition of your batteries. Drop them from a low height, and if they bounce multiple times, they are dead. If they bounce just once or fall with a thud, they are usable.

  1. Colour Coding

Paint the tops of each of your keys with a different color. By colour-coding them you eliminate any confusion you might have associating each key with its lock. Highlighting the sides of your notebooks with different colors helps you distinguish between each of the notebooks during class saving valuable time.

  1. Folder & Notepad

Whether you get yourself a regular folder/binder or one meant to substitute a notebook, your shoulders will thank you. Using a notepad and folder system reduces the weight of your bag and prevents wastage of paper once the semester is over, but the notebook isn’t.

College life is different from school life and,10 hacks for College Going Students that wouldn't be taught in lecture, hacks for college students

  1. Easy Recipes

If you’re bad at cooking, look up all the easy quick recipes you can make using a mug and a microwave. This both saves your time and provides a speedy way to satisfy your hunger pangs. If you don’t know where to start, StuCred’s Pinterest has you covered.

  1. Listen to Music

Peaceful Lo-Fi music and classical instrumental music while studying has shown to maximize focus and concentration. This also keeps you from getting distracted by external noises.

  1. Google Scholar

This is a search engine that indexes scholarly literature across the web. It includes dissertations, theses, books, reports, and other literature. This is a valuable tool for student research. Since documents are ranked by weight, publisher, the number of citations etc., the sources are more reliable than a traditional search engine.

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