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College life can get very stressful and the average college student is said to take an innate amount of stress during the tenure of their course. However, as technology gets more sophisticated and the mobile app stores grow larger, tools are introduced to students that can definitely ease the tension of college life. But we still see several students trying to go about with their daily lives in the hardest way possible and we’re here to tell you that it isn’t necessary. By utilizing maybe 1 or 2 apps from each category that we mention in this article, we can guarantee that the quality of your college life will significantly improve; at least in those aforementioned categories. With that being said, here are some of the best apps we found that is a must-have for college students:

For Academics and Studies


Price: Free with upgrade plans available at appropriate prices
Platform(s): iOS and Android

The most popular app out there focused on taking notes. Evernote will essentially make your life easier while taking notes and revising with its streamlined app process and features. You can use Evernote for essentially anything academic; whether it is making to-do lists, taking down notes, adding pictures or even sharing information with friends. The app also possesses the ability to search through your handwritten notes if you’ve been taking pictures of them and filing them in the app regularly.

IStudiez Pro

Price: Free
Platform(s): iOS and Android

When we first heard of the app, it genuinely sounded like it was named by a cat named Mr. Buttonz. But iStudiez pro is a lot more than what its name might suggest; being the primary scheduling app that many students use around the world. Similar to google alerts, iStudiez pro allows you to schedule weekly and daily tasks and reminders for which it will give you reminders periodically. The app will also provide you with alerts based on class schedules and will also keep track of your GPA and exam scores, essentially acting as the central destination at which you can manage your college life and duties.


Price: Free
Platform(s): iOS and Android

This is where you go for papers on specific topics you want to research. Whether its Economics, Journalism or hardcore Biotech Engineering, there is a good chance EasyBib will have an important research paper/article on the topic. It’s a great app to get if you’re struggling with study material for your syllabus as most textbooks that are designated as your main college study material are usually based on the aforementioned research papers offered by the app.

MyScript Calculator

Price: 1.99$ (Rs.71 in India)
Platform(s): iOS and Android

Ever struggled with a complex formula but had no idea how to transcribe your written work into material that can be worked on with a calculator? The MyScript Calculator app can scan your handwriting using your phone camera and give you answers based on what your problem is as long as it is clearly written on a piece of paper. All you need is a decent camera and no math problem will ever bother you again. Although using the app during your exams might be a bad idea.

Wolfram Alpha:

Price: 2.99$ (Rs.250 in India)
Platform(s): iOS and Android

The ultimate app for any type of math or science calculation. Just enter whatever calculations need to be done and click. It’s that simple. We recommend Wolfram Alpha over other similar apps available in the app store because although the app was designed to appeal to mainly science and mathematics students, it is also a handy tool for students in fields such as economics, journalism and even sports due to the app’s ability to perform trend analysis and summarizations. It would take a very long time to cover everything that Wolfram Alpha can do and so all we can say is, get the app and find out for yourself.

For being safe, healthy and fit

Circle of 6

Price: Free
Platform(s): iOS and Android

A simple app that allows you to enlist 6 of your most trusted and dependable contacts to whom you can send alerts if you are in a particularly dangerous situation. The app will only send these alerts to the 6 contacts that you’ve chosen so the fear of mistakenly sending an alert or even your location to someone you do not trust occurs in very rare circumstances. I highly recommend this app for women studying in college as in our opinion, it eases the tension of worrying for your safety as the option to call on a friend for help will always be there at the touch of a button.


Price: Free (with more lucrative membership options available)
Platform(s): iOS and Android

You may have seen an ad for this app if you browse Youtube a lot. It usually features abstractly drawn cartoon characters with a British guy or girl talking about how meditating can be difficult. The Headspace app focuses on meditation and trying to relax stress that is present in your body. The app features several meditation exercises that vary based on their length to try and accommodate everyone’s schedule. So, if you’re a college student with a very busy life, you could probably try out the 5-minute meditation session offered by them without any major consequence to your schedule. A great app to relieve stress and to just be more peaceful and relaxed in general.

For Entertainment


Price: Free
Platform(s): iOS and Android

Ever wondered if there was a singular place where you could access your favourite podcasts, news articles, blogs etc. Well, Feedly is just that. It allows you to read through topics you are most interested in and even allows you to share it on particular social media. It’s a great app to get if you’re looking to discover new things in the world or if you just want to stay updated on current happenings.


Price: Free
Platform(s): Android and iOS

Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED is an organisation that focuses on recruiting industry professionals across several fields in order to give talks, lectures and seminars on their respective fields of study. The app itself allows you to access the TED archives in which you can probably find a speech or talk on any field that you want to know more about. Great to pass the time but in an interesting and educational way.


Price: Free (Subscription needed, starts at $8.99)
Platform(s): iOS and Android

The app for the budding writer. Scribd allows you to access the best audiobooks, articles, books and any other type of published material out there. The Scribd database is massive so it would probably take you a while to even get through everything you’re interested in and also add the fact that Scribd also gives you suggestions based on your reading habits and preferences. With all of this being said, we can definitely guarantee that Scribd is literally enough on its own to get you through college without dying out of boredom.

What about if you need money in college?

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