Coronavirus-Omicron Variant Update

What is Omicron variant?

Omicron is a variant of the novel Coronavirus. When a coronavirus is circulating considerably and causing multiple infections, the liability of the virus mutation increases. The farther chances of a virus has to spread, the further breaks it has to experience changes. New variants of corona virus like Omicron are a memorial that the COVID-19 epidemic isn’t yet over. It is unknown whether Omicron can transfer more easily from person to person than other variations, such as Delta. But sources say it can be more severe than the delta variant.

What’s unique about this corona virus variant- Omicron!

At an early stage itself omicron showed high transmission due to its virus mutating ability. Another uniqueness about Omicron is it has the capability of evading the pre-existing immunity, which is that omicron spikes can evade the immune response of the human body. Omicron showed these two measures at an early stage itself. We will have to wait for further press releases from WHO for further information regarding reinfections and other capabilities of omicron.

Omicron against vaccines

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that immune responses started by vaccination and precedent infection will offer no protection against the variant. If Omicron can dodge annulling antibodies. Major aspects of the immune system, particularly T cells, may be less affected by Omicron’s mutations than are antibody responses. Researchers in South Africa plan to measure the conditioning of T cells and natural killer cells, which might be especially important for protection against severe COVID-19, Third dosages supercharge annulling-antibody degrees, and it’s likely that this will deliver a stronghold against Omicron’s capability to dodge these antibodies.

Symptoms of Omicron

Most of the omicron variant cases worldwide were asymptomatic. Common symptoms  are tiredness, loss of taste or smell. Till date people are suffering from breathing issues. Omicron has spread in more than 29 countries till date. In India, the first case was reported on the first week of December.

Safety measures to be taken against Omicron!
  1. Wear a mask when you are going out.
  2. Always carry a hand sanitizer with you
  3. Maintain social distancing.
  4. Those who are not vaccinated, please get your vaccinations done.
  5. Try to avoid crowded areas for your own safety.

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