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When we set out to follow our dreams in college, we never think of examinations. Yet, they are as integral to our college days as it gets. Here’s a little care package of exam week essentials for college students you can make for yourself or a friend, to help you through those difficult days.

Remember, this is just a basic kit, you can customize it according to the need of the hour

Here are some of the exam week essentials for college students

Stress Ball 

A stress ball helps relieve tension by providing a soft surface to squeeze. If you tend to get fidgety and anxious before exams, stress balls will help keep you grounded. Aside from just that, they help with blood circulation as well as carpal tunnel syndrome (a tingling numbness in the hand or arm).

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are colourful and eye-catching and provide the perfect surface to keep important notes. You can make to-do lists and efficiently manage tasks by keeping sticky notes handy and accessible. Referring to them as and when a task has been completed keeps you on track as well.


It may seem silly to mention this one, but this comes from personal experience. Take special care to restock your pens before examinations as running out of ink will only lead to additional and unnecessary stress. Refilling ink cartridges and throwing out old unusable pens are also important before exams.


Again an obviously necessary exam tool, pencils provide an easy mess-free way of underlining and making notes within the textbook. Preferably get one with erasers on the back, because there is nothing worse than hunting for an eraser when revising. Make sure you get visible HB pencils especially for diagrams. Light ones may easily rub off and leave your diagram looking incomplete.


Highlighters are an added bonus for students as they help you keep track of the essential material. They are especially useful for last-minute revision. You can keep track of important definitions and keywords and check them the morning of your exam to make sure you remember what is necessary. Remember not to over-highlight and confuse yourself further.


Notebooks, of course, are for notetaking. Aside from the notebooks you use in class, ensure you have a couple of blank ones for use while studying. Taking down important information often helps you retain it for use in the examination.

Reference Notes And Study Material

Make sure you have all the reference material you need well before the examination week. Missed notes/lectures may lead to problems during the exam. Request friends/classmates for their notes ahead of time to prevent any confusion and stress during the last few days.

Index/Flash Cards

If you’re a visual learner, making Flashcards is probably a good idea. Visual aids generally help the information stick. So taking time to make flashcards for all the important data to remember will benefit you in the long run.


Snacks to give you sustenance and a quick energy boost while studying are absolutely necessary. Studying is a draining task so foods that give you a quick rush are often ideal. For example:

Chocolate (darker the better)

Energy Bars


Ready-to-Eat/Instant Food

LOTS of Water (to stay hydrated)

Think we missed out on anything? Let us know below!

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