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One of the biggest universities if the biggest university in India, Amity University was founded in 1995 by the Amity Education group. Since then, several branches of the University have been established all around the world including countries India, Dubai, China, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom as well. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Amity University:

1. The total number of students studying under universities established by the Amity Education Group amounts to more than 150,000: This would make Amity University the biggest university in terms of the student population. This total is only inclusive of the students studying in the Campus situated in Noida and the complete total of students studying under branches of the same university would result in a much higher amount. The University also showcases a large strength of faculty, amounting to roughly 4500 teachers employed in the University,

2. Amity University Group recently purchased a university located in New York: The St. Johns University located in Oakdale, New York which was established sometime in the 1800s was purchased by Amity University in September of 2016. The sale was rumoured to have totalled to an amount of 22 million US Dollars or roughly 15.5 crores in Indian rupees.

3. Amity University was the first private University in India to introduce reservations for students from certain castes: According to the rules instated by the UGC, Educational institutions and Colleges were required to reserve a portion of their seats for applicants that originated from certain castes or tribes that were said to be at a disadvantage compared to regular applicants. This rule, however, was required at first to be upheld by private institutions in spite of which, Amity University chose to introduce such reservations being the first private University in India to do so.

4. The position of President of Amity University is said to be chosen on a generational basis: The current president of the Ritnand Balved Educational Foundation which heads Amity University is Ashok Chauhan while his son Aseem Chauhan is an additional president of the Foundation. The Founder of the foundation and the university was known as Anil Chauhan. It was reported by USA today that the family plans to keep the line of presidents of the foundation and the university within the family and the position will be appointed or passed onto the next generation within the family.

5. Amity has a tie-up with the Manchester City football club to offer students opportunities in football: Though the involvement on the part of Manchester City is limited in nature, it is a well-known fact that several football programs take place within the University and is usually in coordination with the football club.
Amazing Facts about Amity University, Interesting facts about Amity university, unknown facts about amity university, Facts about Amity university nobody knows
6. Cricketer M.S Dhoni also represents the University: M.S Dhoni, who is one of the most celebrated Indian cricketers in the world also showcases the Amity brand through a logo that is imprinted on the Cricket Bats used by him.

7. The Official Motto of the Amity University and all of its subsequent branches is “Nurturing Talent”: This is also very fitting for the university as it also boasts a large number of Alumni that have become an integral part of the popular culture within the country. Notable alumni include Actress Disha Patani, Aditi Arya who won the title of Miss India in 2015 and musician Ankush Bharadwaj as well.

8. Only two branches of Amity University are actually recognized as universities by the UGC: Though there are several educational institutions established all around India by the Amity Education group, it is a lesser-known fact that only two of the campuses i.e Amity University, Lucknow and Amity University, Noida are recognized as deemed universities by the UGC.

9. Amity University is one of the 3 Indian Universities to be included in the list of the best colleges in Asia: Amity University is ranked at 216 in the list of top colleges in Asia. This serves as a distinction as only two other universities from India have received a spot on the list namely Delhi University and IIT.

10. Hawans are conducted almost every single day within the Amity University campus: A type of puja ceremony that is held mostly in temples, Hawans are said to be held every day within the campus due to auspicious reasons. Hawass is mainly done so frequently in the college as an attempt to remove and dissipate the negative energy that occurs in everyday life.
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