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Have you ever found yourself so passionately engrossed in a daydream you realize that it’s been 2 hours and 43 minutes since you were productive? Oh that feeling of sadness, when you have to abandon the fantasy and get back to reality… it often makes one wish they had a little side project that would grow into something more or something they could escape to. In India, a constant pressure of academics has led most of us to believe unless the extracurricular activities you pursue has a quota that can get you into a good college, it holds no value.

Most of the Nobel laureates, founders and CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies and leaders of innovation would disagree with this! The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania has introduced a passion fellowship to help people pursue their passion outside their classrooms and IBM allows employees to pursue their passions along with their jobs. Some passion projects grow into companies that change the way the world functions and some are an escape for an individual from their stressful everyday life.
Why do we need a passion project if you’re doing well in school planned the next 10 years out and are sure to receive a job for your hard work?

Here’re why!

1. You Could Find a New Career Path

More often than not, we decide on a career, apply for a course related to it and then complain about how the course wasn’t what we expected or get into a monotonous routine. Somewhere along the line, we forget about how we played dress-up as kids in the “costumes” of whom we wanted to be when we grew up and how much joy it brought us. Engaging in a passion project could bring back that spark in you that alters your perspective and path in life.

2. It Could Make You Better at Your Future Job

Recent articles and studies suggest that by allowing yourself to explore your creative side along with your course load or jobs can help you perform better at both. Hobbies such as playing an instrument, knitting and being part of a sports team make an individual more patient, improves their mood and increases confidence; making them more comfortable during interviews and group tasks.

3. You Could End Up Building Your Own Empire 

Karina Garcia, aka the slime queen of the Internet, turned her hobby into a full-time job before turning it into a $4 million (yes, you read that right) business. YouTubers, programmers, and bakers are the most common success stories you hear these days and they always say hard work and passion can take you a long way.

4. Help Reduce Your Stress While Improving Your Cognitive Abilities

Sometimes life is hard and overwhelming, that’s just a fact. We all need something to fall back on and immerse ourselves in. The reason passion projects are a great escape from stress is that when you enjoy something, you focus on it and forget whatever’s stressing you out.

5. It Feels Amazing 

There is nothing more exciting than devoting a little or a lot of time to something you enjoy. If you love to bake, on some days you may bake up and decorate a wedding cake that can feed 50 people. On some days it’s just a box of cookies to go along with your Netflix sessions. Whatever it is, the euphoria that takes over once you see the final product can’t be replaced!

Tags- Need for Passion Projects, passion projects for students, passion project essentials, passion project idea for students in english