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SRM University has always been one of the better options that you can choose for your higher education in India. But a lot of people are still under the impression that the university offers only Engineering and Medical courses. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case. The college offers a large variety of courses in several fields including but not limited to business, finance, arts, language, and many others.

With over 243 courses offered in various disciplines, it can be a daunting task to choose the course you’re most interested in. To help you with this, we’ve prepared a list of the best courses offered by the university. We’ve arranged this list based on the various departments present in SRM university to make it easier to understand. So without further ado, the best courses offered by SRM University are:

The Department Of Engineering And Technology:

Undergraduate Courses:
  1. Aerospace Engineering (B.Tech): The development of aircraft and spacecraft.
  2. Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech): The designing and manufacturing of mechanical systems.
  3. Electrical And Computer Engineering (B.Tech): The development of computer hardware through the integration of computer science and electronic engineering.
  4. Biomedical Engineering (BME): The application of engineering principles in the designing and conceptualization of medicine for healthcare.
  5. Civil Engineering (B.Tech): The construction and maintenance of man-made structures such as buildings, roads, tunnels etc.
  6. Chemical Engineering (B.Tech): The production and usage of chemicals.
  7. Robotics & Automation (B.Tech): The study of optimizing business processes through artificial intelligence and software robots.
  8. Electrical And Electronics Engineering (B.Tech): The study of power storage, transmission, and production.
Post-Graduate Courses:
  1. Architectural Design (M.Arch): The designing of buildings.
  2. Cloud Computing (M.Tech): The study of cloud-based data solutions for storage and transmission.
  3. Genetic Engineering (M.Tech): The study of gene-engineering and manipulation.
  4. Nanotechnology (M.Tech): The manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular or supra-molecular scale. Think tiny things.
  5. Mechatronics Engineering (M.Tech): The engineering of electrical and mechanical systems.
  6. Cyber Security (M.Tech): The study of computer security and encryption systems.

The Best Courses In SRM University, srm university courses fees, srm fee structure 2019, Top courses in SRM university, Great course in SRM university

The Department Of Management

There are only three courses that come under this department. They are:

1. Bachelor Of Business Administration (B.B.A): Focused on setting up and running a business. Undergraduate course.

2. Masters Of Business Administration (M.B.A): Similar to B.B.A but at a higher level.

3. Masters Of Business Administration – Hospital Management (M.B.A – Hospital): This variation of the course focuses more on the management of hospitals and medical wards.

The Department Of Medicine And Health Sciences

Undergraduate Courses:
  1. Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Science (M.B.B.S): Pretty much what you’ll start with if you’re interested in being a Doctor.
  2. Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (B.D.S): The surgery of the teeth, jaw and jawbones.
  3. Bachelor Of Pharmacy (B.Pharm): The preparation, review and dispensing of medical drugs.
  4. Nursing (PBB.Sc): If you’re looking to work as a nurse.
Postgraduate Courses:
  1. Medical Biochemistry (M.Sc): Used to relate human metabolism and biochemistry with the prevalence of various diseases.
  2. Medical Microbiology (M.Sc): The study of various microbes for clinical purposes.
  3. Neurology (M.P.T): The branch of medicine that deals with the human brain.
  4. Pediatrics (M.O.T): The study of medicine in relation to children and new-born babies.
  5. Mental Health (M.O.T): The study of mental ailments that can affect human beings.
  6. Pharmaceutics (M.Pharm): Similar to B.Pharm but at a higher level.
  7. Speech Language And Pathology (M.Sc): Used to deal with speech impediments, ailments and other issues related to the use of language and voice.

The Department Of Science And Humanities

Undergraduate Courses:
  1. Bachelors In Journalism And Mass Communication (B.A): The study of journalism and writing for mass media.
  2. Bachelors In English (B.A): The study of English literature and language devices.
  3. Bachelors In Commerce – Accounting & Finance (B.Com): If you’re looking to get a start in your accounting career but feel like A.C.C.A is too hard.
  4. Bachelors In Visual Communication (B.Sc): Poster and photo designing, movie making, animation. Essentially a lot of fun stuff.
  5. Bachelors In Education (B.Ed): The minimum degree required for you to start teaching at a school, college or institute.
  6. Bachelors In Hotel & Catering Management (B.Sc): The study of managing and running a hotel or restaurant.

The Best Courses In SRM University, srm university courses fees, srm fee structure 2019, Top courses in SRM university, Great course in SRM university

Postgraduate Courses:
  1. Masters In Mathematics (M.Sc): Maths is never a boring subject and this course is no different.
  2. Masters In Physics (M.Sc): If you’re looking to become the next Albert Einstein.
  3. Masters In Visual Communication (M.Sc): Similar to the bachelor’s degree of the same name but at a more advanced level.
  4. Masters In Commerce (M.Com): If you’ve finished B.Com and realized that accounting is too difficult.
  5. Masters In Education (M.Ed): The more qualifications you have as a teacher, the more you will get hired. Not a bad option for a course if you are serious about being a teacher.
  6. Masters In Information Technology (M.Sc): If you’re looking to get into app development and other related activities.

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Though these courses are possibly the best ones offered by the university, they are by no means the only courses available. Check out the official SRM website to take a look at all the courses they offer as you can decide which course sounds the most interesting to you. We can certainly say that no matter what course you choose, your time in SRM will be unforgettable.

We hope you learned a little something from today’s article. And as always,

Thanks for reading!

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