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Whether your motivation is narcissism, a need for validation or just a means to let everyone know what you’re doing at a particular moment, everyone loves selfies. When you look good, you immediately want to let everyone know – and in today’s age of instant connectivity, this is easier than ever before. To satisfy your social media craze, we’ve compiled a list of apps you might enjoy.

These are our top picks to make your Instagram feed the hottest one in town!

  • YouCam Perfect 

iOS & Android availability (free)

YouCam lets you add filters and beautify any picture with ease. It’s essentially ‘Photoshop for Dummies’. It lets you edit any of your features including eye-colour, skin texture, and even the length of your legs. The lighting conditions making your eye-bags stand out? Just smooth them over with a quick swipe of your finger. Aside from facial and body editing, the app also allows you to make collages and cutouts. Its live camera lets you take edited pictures in real-time and its fun extra features let you edit yourself into whatever background you please. What more could you ask for from a camera app?!

  • Frontback

iOS & Android availability (free)

Frontback combines a social photography community with an innovative concept. It allows you to utilize both your front and back cameras to create a new, more artistic piece. Just like any social media app, it has photo-sharing features that you can send friends and family.

  • Facetune

iOS & Android availability (₹299)

Facetune is your own personal retouching expert. Be it to get rid of blemishes, whiten your teeth, adjust lighting, fix your hair, apply makeup and even blur the background – whatever photography needs you might have, Facetune is your best friend. It makes the job of a photoshop professional accessible to everyone, allowing you to share your most flattering pictures on social media. Its powerful, effective, simple and aesthetically pleasing user interface make it a dream to use. It even provides artistic filters as well as basic photographic adjustments like saturation, temperature etc. Aside from these benefits, you can also use the app to directly share your pictures to the social network of your choice.

  • Picr: Tell Your Story in Pics

only iOS (free)

Picr is essentially a selfie-journal that lets you keep track of your pictures and gradually accumulate a portfolio. Once you feel a project has been completed you can make it a video, letting you watch your transformation over time. You can customize the intervals, the layout, the grids as well as the text and music. An easy-to-use time-lapse tool, Picr is a must have for any selfie enthusiast.

  • Camera+ Legacy

only iOS (₹249)

Camera+ gives you all the functionality of a DSLR on your smartphone. A brilliant replacement for the standard iPhone camera app, it lets you determine the exposure of your shots manually and is guaranteed to produce picture-perfect sharpness and clarity in the end product. You can edit even the tilt of the camera/your hand in real time, making your photos flawlessly shot. Customizability is provided through filters, frames, and text which add a personalized touch to all your pictures. With automatic iCloud syncing and other sharing options, all your images are available across all your devices – to be shared, saved or even edited further.

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