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What is StuCred?

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I’m sure you already know about StuCred, so I’ll keep this description short for those who wish to refresh their memory. You can skip to the next bit if you are familiar with our services.

StuCred is a secure digital platform, and also one of the best, that offers short-term, interest-free, loans with the objective to educate and empower the students of India.

Currently, we offer loans ranging between Rs.500 and Rs.30,000. Once your loan request is granted, the money is deposited into your account immediately. This is to ensure that you, as a user and borrower, are assured ‘cash-on-hand.’

The underlaying intention behind StuCred is to introduce students to independent fiscal responsibility and further promote the importance of building, and maintaining, a credit score. Although StuCred is relatively new, it promises efficiency and reliability to all users.

Why is StuCred’s Customer Care Great?


A large part of what enables us to provide our users with the best possible experience is our customer service etiquette and policy. The key factor that distinguishes StuCred customer help from that of most other financial companies is our approachability.

We offer guaranteed help with a human touch and are always willing to consider individual circumstances. Rest assured, if you need help, StuCred will listen and find a resolution to your problem as soon as possible.

Individual Attention

Because we keep our lines of communication open, you can contact StuCred customer care with individual, or particular circumstantial, problems.

So, if you are unable to repay a loan within the specified duration, please do not hesitate to contact StuCred customer care and explain your situation. This will enable us to understand how we can best help you, ensuring that you prevent defaulting and thereby protecting your credit score.

Our Promise

Why StuCred Customer Service is Great, StuCred customer care, Stucred customer care, stucred customer care number, stucred company, stucred bangalore, stucred chennai

At StuCred, a large part of our customer help strategy entails putting ourselves in your shoes in order to understand what you require.

We therefore mould our customer service approach to best fit your needs – an ongoing process that ensures constant improvement and better service.

Our team has spent the months since we started studying query patterns and analysing the “what” and “when” of the questions asked. As such, we have thus far catered to the observed pattern.

For instance, we found that most loans are requested during the end of the month, as well as on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. During this time, we make sure that all our customer care resources are in full-swing, accessible and available at all times.

So, in short, StuCred customer care promises you the following:

  1. Always Approachable With a Human Touch
  2. Ask a Question Any Time
  3. Guaranteed Resolution and/or Next Steps to Any Issue Within 24 Hours

How Can I Get Help?

But how, you ask, is StuCred going to fulfil its promise to you? Well, read on! In this article you will also find information on how to contact StuCred customer care, including a customer care number and other contact methods.

1) Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most straightforward ways to get answers to your queries is through StuCred’s comprehensive frequently asked questions page on our website. You’ll find that the questions are divided by broader categories pertaining to specific issues and queries we encounter commonly- college inquiry, credit score, loan and so forth. You will also find that we provide a considerable amount of information here which, we hope, will give you the answer that you seek.

If you need to look for a specific answer, you may enter key words into the search bar to jump right to the question you have. Now, if you are unable to locate or find a resolution to your problem, we have a number of other effective customer care platforms in place for you. This brings us to the next point- Chat-Bot.

2) Chat-Bot

On the StuCred website, in the bottom right hand corner, you will find a chat-bubble symbol. This is our customer service chat-bot through which you can ask questions by entering your query using key words. Don’t worry, there is a real person sitting at the other end of the chat, combing through every question.

Our chat-bot is available 24×7. However, given the influx of messages through the chat-bot and other customer care contact platforms (which will be mentioned below), please allow a maximum of 15 minutes for a member of our customer care team to respond.

No matter how you contact us, you can always remain certain that you will receive a response. Most queries are resolved within two hours.

Why StuCred Customer Service is Great, StuCred customer care, Stucred customer care, stucred customer care number, stucred company, stucred bangalore, stucred chennai

3) Customer Care Chat Link on App

The StuCred App too has introduced a service like the one above. When you are registering with us through our app, you have the option to start a live chat with an agent using our customer care chat link.

This is to ensure that your registration process goes and smoothly as possible by resolving any problems you may encounter. Please do not hesitate to use the chat. We are here to help you.

4) Calling and Emailing Customer Care

A) Call

Of course, you can also contact customer care by calling us. We especially encourage doing so if you think you may default on a loan and would like to explain your situation.

StuCred recently launched IVR (interactive voice response), which helps us get some background information to understand your profile before an agent speaks with you. Doing so allows us to resolve your problem faster and more efficiently. If you are not already registered with StuCred, you can choose to speak to a customer service agent directly.

StuCred Customer Service Number: 044-46271122

B) Email

Another way to get in touch with our customer care team is to shoot us an email with your query. Although responses to an email may take slightly longer than alternative modes of contact, you are still guaranteed to get one.

StuCred Customer Service Email: care@stucred.com

How Can I Find the Customer Care Number and Email on StuCred’s Website?

Currently, you can find the StuCred customer care number on the frequently asked questions page by doing the following:

  1. Go to StuCred Website
  2. Click on “Need Help”
  3. Type in “How Can I Contact You” into the search bar

We will soon update the website so that the option to contact us will appear as a separate category alongside the others.

5) Social Media to Contact Customer Care

StuCred uses two primary social media platforms through which you can also contact customer care.

A) StuCred Facebook
StuCred Instagram

Our team will be active on both, so if you ask a question through one of these platforms you will be attended to. Bear in mind that our social media platforms get a lot of activity, which may mean that you get a slower response. But again don’t worry, you will get a response.

We at Stucred sincerely hope to uphold our promise to provide great customer care and make your experience with us the best it can possibly be.

Download StuCred now to get the education you deserve!

Tags- Why StuCred Customer Service is Great, StuCred customer care, Stucred customer care, stucred customer care number, stucred company, stucred bangalore, stucred chennai