Best Android Apps for College Students

If you are a college student, chances are that you will find this list of best android apps for college students very helpful. 

For most of us, college life is one of the best times of our lives or at least it is supposed to be the best. Students go to college with lots of expectations and excitement. 

Throughout the journey, you will grow as a better person there may be many twists and turns in the road but that’s what makes it special. 

Sometimes it may feel hard, but you are not alone, there are so many students just like you. From getting a lift to the college, to help you with your exams or even to help you find a date, there are apps for everything now. 

Even if you are a freshman who is struggling to make friends or a senior who is about to graduate who needs assistance with his thesis, there are apps to help you out!

This article is to help you out identify some of the best android apps for college students.

Best Android Apps For College Students 

Best Android Apps for College Students

These are some of the best android apps for college students in terms of helping you in studies, creativity, community building etc.


If you are a college student who believes in financial independence then this app is for you. The StuCred app gives you wings to fly and helps you in handling your finances from a young age.

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Grammarly is one of the widely used apps. It will be much helpful for you if you are someone who writes a lot. This will help you to write content that is free from typos and grammatical errors. You can download the android app on your mobile and use Grammarly keyboard to help you while you are on the go.  


Brainscape is one of the best flashcards apps. While you have lost of classes to study for, it’s hard to make your flashcards. Brainscape app lets you create digital flashcards to help you study better.

Google Calendar 

If you think Google calendar is not for students, then you are wrong. Google calendar acts as your personal assistant. It helps you manage your time much effectively. You can schedule your classes and important seminars. You can even schedule your study time using this app.

Google Drive

Back up your data on your google drive and sync all your devices to the same google drive. Doing this enables you to access all the important stuff even while you are on your phone or your laptop. So this is one of the best android apps for college students.


The Evernote app can do a lot of favour if you use it effectively. It enables you to store all your study materials in one place. You can even take pictures of the board and store it as notes or even record things and save it in the Evernote folder. 


If you are someone who is in constant search of ideas and topics this is a great app for you. Even if you are not, you can use the app to gain more knowledge about almost anything. TED vast library of thoughtful content will be a great appetite for your brain.

These are some of the best android apps for college students in India. Hope it was useful to you. If you think we have missed your favourite app please let us know in the comments.