How to Maintain Vehicles During the Lockdown

One of the major doubts in most of our minds is how to maintain vehicles during the lockdown! Our lives have changed drastically since this coronavirus has evolved.

We do work from our own home, children take their classes online, travelling in banned. Commuting is not happening as it used to be. Our cars and bikes are rarely used for months. Amidst this situation, the least we care for is for the vehicles.

But let us also keep in mind that, letting our vehicles sitting in our houses just like that will add a huge bill on its maintenance. And also it may cause some serious damage to the parts.

Tips to Maintain Vehicles During the Lockdown

These effects can be avoided if we know how to maintain vehicles during the lockdown situation. Here are some of the methods which are usually followed to reduce the damage and maintain your vehicle in good condition.

Don’t Let Your Battery Die

When your car or bike sits without having an ignition for some time the first problem you will face is a dead battery. No one wants a dead battery.

Take some time every day in the morning to start your vehicle and switch it off. Or you could also disconnect your battery from your engine this will prevent the discharge of the battery while it’s not in use. This will keep your battery alive.

Take it for a Short Ride at Regular Intervals

Though you can’t travel outside your city and also it indeed is not safe for you, you can take your vehicle for a short ride on your street or within a short radius on regular intervals to keep the vehicle’s moving parts lubricated.

Maintain a Full Tank

This is one of the wisest things you could do. Maintain a full tank on your vehicle this will let you go on short rides and also if there is low fuel its not good. If the fuel level is less, the air above the fuel level may condense and cause ill effects to the engine. It’s always good to maintain a full tank of fuel.

Don’t Leave Your Cars On Hand-Brakes

Leaving your car on hand brakes for a longer duration may cause them to jam and will cost you a lot while repairing. It’s always good to leave your car on gears or on parking mode incase of automatic vehicles. Instead, you could also leave it on neutral with a plant or stone to keep the car from moving.

Two-Wheeler Safety

If you have a two-wheeler, and if it has a centre stand, then use them while leaving them like that for a long time it will keep the fuel levels in the tank at a balance. And also it will prevent the bike from falling down and getting damaged.

Check Your Tyres

When your vehicle is left alone for a long duration it will start to lose air pressure in the tyres. It’s important to maintain the correct air pressure in the tyres to avoid any flat tyres or weak spots while it stands for a longer duration. So make sure to keep them inflated.

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