Keeping yourself fit during a pandemic

A Pandemic is not something that we will encounter often in our lifetime. Most of us didn’t even have an idea what a pandemic was! Keeping yourself fit during a pandemic is something we didn’t even know about earlier.

However, keeping ourselves healthy and fit is one task, but keeping our mind sane during these hard times are even harder.
These lockdown days are very hard on everyone.

Having good physical and mental health will help you in many ways. People often ignore to consider one’s mental health as an important thing. Good mental health will help you reduce your stress & anxiety. It will keep you sane. It will help you in better decision making. It will increase your self-esteem and state of mind.

So, It’s very important not to ignore the mental well being just like that. But the truth is most people don’t care about their mental health as much as their physical health. Here are some tips to help you with maintaining your health & make it through this crisis situation.

Maintaining the Mental Health

It is very much essential for keeping yourself fit during a pandemic situation. Since this is an unusual thing, It may affect your mental health in many ways.

Many people who have been working outside of their hometown or state or country, are being stranded in their workplaces since the beginning of the lockdown. Well now it’s been over three months and this will start affecting their mental health. Here are some ways which could help you keep your mind fit.

Talk to People

There will always be people around you. Just because your family is not with you doesn’t mean you are alone. If you have to talk, then talk. Talking to people and expressing your feelings will help you relax better and get rid of all the weird thoughts in your mind.

Start a Hobby

While you start doing something as a hobby, you will do it with all your hearts. It will improve your mood and be a great boost to your mental health. It will also boost your self-esteem.

Catch up With Old Friends

Even though you can’t travel during this time of crisis, you have got a lot of time these days. Make use of the time to catch up with your old friends.

Talking to them will make you happy and it will be a great stress buster for you. With the technology advancements of these days, you can catch all your old buddies in video conferencing as well.

Spend Time With Your Family

If you are someone who got the chance to stay with your family during this lockdown then you are one of those blessed people. Staying indoors for too long may be harsh, but think of it as an opportunity to spend time with your family and kids.

You won’t get that chance often. Play with kids, cook for your family, take good care of them and always keep your mind positive. This should help you with your mental health.

Maintaining Physical Health

Keeping yourself physically fit during a pandemic is not so easy. Especially when you are staying indoors and not doing much work.

While you are staying safe at home, it’s also necessary to stay fit. Here are some steps to keep your body healthy and fit during this lockdown.

Eat Healthy

It is understandable that while staying at home we tend to crave some snack to much on, but you should also remember that your physical work is very much reduced than a normal day.

That is your body requires very much less energy compared to those days. But if we keep on eating unhealthy foods it will surely cause weight gain.
You should be really careful about what you put in your body. If you eat good, you will stay fit.

Exercise Everyday

It is also important to remember eating healthy food just won’t do the trick. To stay fit that too during times like this you should put more effort than ever.

Practice yoga or exercise every day without fail to keep your body fit. Exercising every day will not just help your physical but also your mental health and it will keep you at a great condition.

Get a Proper Night’s Sleep

Another great concern during these times is bad sleep routines. A good night’s sleep is very much necessary for a person to have a healthy mind and body. Most of us tend to mess up with our sleep cycle when we are at home during the lockdown.

We may wake up late or sleep late, these irregularities will affect your body’s cycles as well. So, getting proper sleep is highly recommended.

We at StuCred wish you all maintain your health and stay fit even during this pandemic season.