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Knock knock! Are you a college student and have you been awake to know of such an app that can provide you with loans from as low as ₹500 up to ₹30,000? If not, then be amazed to come to know of it. It’s the trending StuCred App, A Digital Division of Kreon Finnancial Services. It was launched in the month of October 2018 for both Android OS and iOS, and it’s fame has not paused anywhere in the middle to rest, but to grow step by step each day. StuCred has extended hands to well-reputed colleges such as IIT’s and VIT’s, SRM University and so on.

Still a growing sapling, it has so many pros. Let’s see what are the top 5 reasons to download the StuCred App.

1. Quick and Instant Loans
As a college student, you might have face situations like going out on a sudden get-together, planning to buy a good gift for your friend on his birthday, gifting a sweet little something for your girlfriend or boyfriend, and so on. These are exactly the kind of times where you can get saved. StuCred app is as quick as a flash of lightning that, before you know it, your loan is credited, and you’ve got your cash to spend on all those emergencies. It’s a complete back-to-back process right from registration to getting your loan credited. But hey, do refer “How to Manage your Money as a College Student” to get your free tips on money management, because you’ve got to take care of your credit score.

2. Boosts your Credit Score
What is this credit score? A credit score is a value that reflects on how likely you are to re-payback any form of credit. Technically speaking, this score is calculated based on the number of times you’ve repaid your loan back by abiding by all terms and conditions of your lender. Long story short, your credit score simply keeps track of your loan repayment history. A good credit score is always your helping partner once you’re independent enough in future. Every bank would take a glance at this before they consider you for huge loans such as housing, vehicle, etc. Using StuCred, you can easily maintain a good book of your loans and keep increasing the credit score throughout.

3. Safety & Security is a Top Priority
With anything and everything, there are pros and cons of its own kind. But StuCred does not leave your safety and privacy up to chance. A zero human intervention environment with personalized OTP generations and individuality verifications are done on point to keep your details perfectly secured, especially from middle-men.

4. Anytime, Anywhere
You can download and use the app at any point of time and from anywhere you’re present, fully compatible both on Android OS and iOS from the App store or the Play store. Midnight parties, sudden movie plans, last minute purchasing, food shortage – be it anything, StuCred would sort it out for you in no time.

5. Helps with your Financial Responsibility
“Let is go” has become the tag line of college students. Well, those days are over. With the world turning into such a competitive place, every person has to compete and run along. Being responsible is not the responsibility just for parents. Students must also carry it along, in the process of teen to young-adulthood transition. While StuCred lends and helps you with money, it also trains you gradually in how to manage money, or repay the money back in time, etc. By practising this, even with a gradual increase in the amount would not scare you, but give you the confidence to take care of such situations.

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