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Empowering the College Students of India

Have you ever wondered what your college ID card is worth?

  1. Access to education…
  2. Library access…
  3. It can even get you access to a special student discount.

That great! What we want to know is its worth. How would you react if we say your college ID is worth 30k? Would you believe us?

Let us explain. If you are a student, you must have faced the challenge of running out of pocket money too soon and ruining your weekend plans. Like a wise man once said, “The money will come when you are doing the right thing”. Now, we came up with a great solution, “the right thing” if you must.  Right now, you’re wallet might be like an onion, making you cry whenever you open it. That’s where StuCred comes in.

First of all, StuCred aims to empower the college student community in India, with a goal to help students tackle short-term financial constraints, aid in emergencies. Secondly, it encourages maintaining a good credit score even before you work. StuCred offers instant cash with 0% interest that too in just three minutes.

The only things you need for a StuCred loan are your-

  1. Aadhaar Card;
  2. College ID card;
  3. Bank Account where you want us to transfer the instant cash to.

Nowadays a smart student should always carry

*Good books to read

*Good friends to accompany them

*StuCred student loan app for real-time student credit. Instant cash anytime, anywhere.

I have StuCred student loan app in my Mobile phone. What is your superpower?

Interested to learn more? Visit StuCred

Real Time Credit

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