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Disclaimer: This post is not for people with weekend plans that involve leaving your room and getting dressed. This is for the “spending your weekends indoors & leaving your bed only for food and necessities” people… and no this is not yet another article that suggests you read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo.

Firstly, hello and welcome. This is a safe space. You can say you prefer books over movies without experiencing any eye-rolling. This is a space where “reading” is a legitimate weekend plan. A place where J. K. Rowling and George R. R. Martin were seen on book covers before opening credits.

Whether you’re trying to cut down on reading or trying to form a new habit, here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Archie Comics
Creators: John L. Goldwater and Bob Montana
Genre: Comedy

Don’t roll your eyes already! Yes, I know you’ve read it, watched the cartoons and now watch Riverdale like your life depends on it (side note: if you loved Riverdale, check out our other article on “9 Shows to Binge Watch in Under a Weekend”). I know, you’re the ultimate Archie’s Comic expert And remember every plotline ever. Hear us out though, if it’s a weekend where you’re homesick, this is the perfect amount of nostalgia and familiarity. Whether it’s Team Betty or Team Veronica on your turf, this is a reminder of a simpler time in Riverdale, when all was well and no one was a murderer.

2. The Great Gatsby
Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Genre: Modernism / Satire

If you liked the movie, the book is better. If you hated the movie, the book is way better! Read and reminisce the tale of  Jay Gatsby, a man in love who’ll stop at nothing to find his long lost love. Told through the eyes of Nick Caraway, the closest thing Gatsby has had to a confidant. Fitzgerald’s writing makes you feel like you’re being introduced to people at a party and catching up with them as the book progresses. It has drama, romance, betrayal and suspense. It will leave you wishing the book was longer and wondering if you knew Gatsby at all. Most importantly, relive the roaring ‘20s in black and gold!

3. I Wrote This for You: Just the Words
Author: Iain S. Thomas
Genre: Poetry

Calling this book “a great piece of writing” does not do it justice. Book number 3 in a series of 4, this one will leave you speechless. Published anonymously at first, Thomas’s words feel like they really were written just for you and that you found it at the right time. Furthermore, you can read this one in any order (within the book and the series).

4. The Catcher in the Rye
Author: J.D Salinger
Genre: Coming of Age

If you’re looking for a book that teaches you lessons that last a lifetime or one that teaches you anything at all, please continue down the list. If you want to slip into someone else’s shoes for a weekend, live an uneventful life but read a lifetime’s worth of conspiracy theories online, go for this one. Holden Caufield, the narrator and protagonist, might have been based on a real person. He also might have imagined the events in the books, from the psych-ward he was admitted to. He also might have had a prequel set to be published in 2060 that was leaked online in 2013. Intrigued? Get yourself a copy.

5. Where Rainbows End
Author:  Cecelia Ahern
Genre: Romance/Epistolary

Don’t be freaked out by the word ‘epistolary’. It means that instead of writing in essay styled chapters, the book is in the form of written communication. The entire novel is written in the form of emails, texts, IMs and other such platforms. Alex and Rosie have been best friends since they were kids in a small town, but as they grow older and face challenges their emails get a little more serious and their texts sparse. An endearing tale of growing up without having to grow old. Also, the novel opens with a note being passed in class between Alex and Rosie, if that isn’t the funniest opening, we don’t know what to tell you.

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6. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Author: Richard Bach
Genre: Philosophy

Interspersed with the breathtaking photographs of Russell Manson, this novella is about the drive for self-perfection. Told through the perspective of Jonathan Livingston Seagull (an actual seagull). Bored by the pointless repetition of daily life, Jonathan decides he wants to perfect flying. Advocating his belief in every gull’s right to fly, we follow his journey from near-death to being “gull-Jesus” in “gull heaven”. This book doesn’t spoon-feed enlightenment, it guides you through the tale of another’s path to infinity. It simplifies and over-simplifies everything and by the end, you will have learned at least one or two things about life.

7. Things Fall Apart
Author: Chinua Achebe
Genre: Historical fiction

A modern-day fable set in tribal Africa, this is a book of contrasts- between man and woman, the past and the present, colonialism and traditional culture, the ignorant and the enlightened (though who is debatable). A surprisingly humorous book, Achebe’s masterpiece simplifies the African perspective for the masses.

8. Sea of Strangers
Author: Lang Leav
Genre: Prose & Poetry

A queen in her realm of romantic poetry, Leav steps out of her comfort zone with this one. With this, she touches on relatable topics of waking up from a dream, heartbreak and even finding peace within yourself. However, make yourself some hot chocolate or tea and cosy into a corner with a blanket, because once you start you won’t be able to put it down. To quote Leav herself:

“Art and Books

Without a doubt,

I must read,

all the books

I’ve read about.

See the artworks

hung on hooks,

that I have only,

seen in books.”

-Lang Leav (Love & Misadventure)

9. Of Mice and Men
Author: John Steinbeck
Genre: Realism, Tragedy

A book that’s ending truly makes it worth reading, Steinbeck’s most renown piece of work based on his own experience as a bindlestiff in the 1920s. This novella follows the life of two migrant ranch-hands, George and Lennie, as they move from job to job in California during the Great Depression. The twists and turns begin thirty pages in and then you won’t be able to put this book down. This seemingly straightforward tale teaches you what loyalty, friendship, and hard work meanwhile making you re-examine your opinion on complex issues like what makes a good man, racism, and exploitation in class relationships.

10. The Sun and Her Flowers
Author: Rupi Kaur
Genre: Poetry

This book celebrates love. Love in every form- self-love, love for your family, love for the person who breaks your heart, love for the world. It speaks of a love that breaks and heals and binds us all together. A book best read by flipping it open to a random page every time. With each page weaving a separate tale of wilting, falling, rising, and blooming.

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