5 Reasons Why Stucred always has your back, Why you should download StuCred app, top reasons to download StuCred App

It has been over 2 years since we founded our company and close to a year since we launched our app and started to offer credit loans to students. We’re still a young company with a long way to the top but as we always say, we will always help college students in need of support to the best of our abilities. Though we face our technical issues at times, we always strive for excellence here at Stucred and we hope it reflects on our actions too. If you’re still unconvinced of our app, here are 5 reasons why we will always have your back:

1. We understand college students better than our competitors: Our company was founded with a vision of employing young talent to cater to college students. In other words, we’re a company for college students and by college students. And who better to understand college life better than college students themselves? We understand the troubles and issues you go through financially during college and we will always be there to ease that burden whenever you need.

2. We’re available 24×7: Whether you urgently need money to pay off a cab fare, or even if you need money at 3 AM to buy some ice cream, we’ll always cater to your needs regardless of the time of day. Moreover, we always have a team ready to clear your doubts and to help you with whatever app-related issues you may face.

3. We charge 0% interest: Unlike other payday loan outlets, we do not want to cause a financial catastrophe for any of our customers. We know that college students clearly do not have the means to make high-interest payments adequately and so, we decided to base our business model on service charges. So, instead of receiving an annual/monthly interest rate on your loan, all we do is take Rs. 30 from your loan as a service charge for the minimum amount (Rs.500). For example, if you’re taking out an Rs. 500 loan with us, you will receive Rs. 470 after service charges have been deducted. The charges will increase as the Loan amount increases.
5 Reasons Why Stucred always has your back, Why you should download StuCred app, top reasons to download StuCred App
4. We cater based on your needs: Our main goal here is to ease the financial burden and to not add onto it. We also aim to teach college students about the importance of their credit scores. All of these objectives have led us to create our tier system which ensures that you can only take out loans of amounts that you can actually afford. We do not push loans with high amounts to students in any way. In fact, loans with higher amounts can only be taken once a loan of a lower amount has been taken and paid in full on our app.

5. We will always help you with your payments: As we mentioned before, an important objective of our company is to educate students on the importance of credit scores and to teach them financial responsibility in general. If you do default on a payment, do not worry. We will work with you on any issues like these and in special circumstances, we will not charge you a late payment fee. You can pay us back at your convenience. However, do understand that late payments of loans affect your credit score adversely which is why we will remind you periodically to make your payments duly. But otherwise, we will not force or stress you into paying a loan.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Stucred app here: StuCred App

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