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So, you’ve just joined Sharda University but still have no clue about the college and what kind of programs take place within it. Well fear not young Jedi, we’ve decided to prepare a list of some of the most fun events you can attend just because we want to help you lovely people as much as possible on our part. Also, this was today’s topic on our content calendar but let’s focus on the “helping you out” aspect more. With this being said, here are some of the best events that you can attend in Sharda University:

1. The Freshers Party: If it’s your first year of studying at Sharda University, the fresher’s party will definitely seem appealing to you. It is usually celebrated with a program that consists of a few dance performances, a fashion show and may even consist of some skits. All of these performances are usually prepared and done by the seniors, so if you want to see your seniors do some embarrassing things, maybe this event would appeal to you. Though not your traditional party with a DJ and drinks, the Freshers Party will show you a good time regardless if you’re into performances.

2. The Sharda University Autumn Festival: The primary inter-school/inter-college event for Sharda University that focuses on cultural and exhibitions. Several students from around the country attend the event to compete in the various categories of culture that are being held. This is a great way to meet people from other colleges and to expand your social circle in general. The first Autumn Festival was held in 2014 and continues to grow bigger with each passing year. I highly recommend you give it a try if you’re a student of the university as the days during which the festival is held is usually declared a holiday for students. The event is usually held towards the end of the year, during the month of November.

3. International Yoga Day: On the 21st of June, students and staff alike get together on the campus grounds at about 8 in the morning to celebrate yoga and fitness. It is essentially a mass display of people doing particular yoga exercises and positions. This event is a recommendation from our side mainly to encourage health and fitness amongst college students, as we know that college life is both busy and thrifty which is a bad combination if you’re trying to stay healthy. Use this event to learn about some essential yoga exercises.

4. Ojaswat (College Sports Day): The typical sports day event held by any given college. Ojaswat is an annual occasion where teams from several colleges in the Greater Noida area as well as from other parts of the country compete in a myriad of sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, and cricket among several others. Be prepared though, matches can go on for quite a while so setting aside an entire day to attend Ojaswat may be necessary.

5. World Wi-fi Day Seminar: First off, I was really surprised to find out that there is actually a World Wi-fi Day and let’s face it, you’d probably celebrate it as much as we would if you were aware of it. But Sharda University generally holds a nice seminar which features lectures from social media personalities on how Wi-fi can aid you as an entrepreneur. The event is usually held on 20th June every year so mark your calendars for this year’s seminar. Though the occasion called Wi-Fi day, the university doesn’t actually provide wi-fi during the event. Oh, the irony.

Though we’ve mentioned a couple of returning events each year, Sharda University definitely holds a significant number of one-shot events and department-exclusive events that are worth looking into. Just remember to enjoy your college life to the fullest amount because if you don’t, you’ll definitely regret it when you start working. Speaking from personal experience here.

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