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About College of Engineering, Pune

College of Engineering, Pune which is established in the year 1854, and is the third oldest engineering college in Asia. It is an autonomous engineering college and is affiliated to the University of Pune in Maharashtra, India. The alumni and students of College of Engineering, Pune are known by the name as COEPians.

In the early 1950s, the college study model was referred to as the “Poona Model.” It is located at the confluence of two great rivers, the Mutha and Mula.

In the year 2003, the institute was granted autonomy by the State Government of Maharashtra, thus giving freedom to the college to set their own curriculum and manage their own finances. With the permanent affiliation to the University of Pune, the institute is now an autonomous engineering school. Moreover, there has been remarkable change as far as the pedagogy at COEP is concerned. The following years have witnessed a multitude of optimistic changes in academic and administrative strategies. These are also reasons for the growing innovation on the project work of college students. The institute contends that its autonomy now makes it much more flexible in dynamically changing the syllabus to go well with changing needs of the industry.

As of now, the college awards the degree of B. Tech that is Bachelor of technology earlier it was the Bachelor of Engineering or B.E in nine specializations. These were introduced subsequently from the commencement of the college.

The sandwich patterns course was revealed in Electrical, mechanical, Metallurgy, and production. In this model, most of the students spend their 5th and 8th semesters working in the industry and gain credit for such work, under the supervision of a faculty member and an industrial manager.

The infrastructure of the College of Engineering, Pune

Campus: Campus has been built on an area of 35975 sq.m.

Central Library: It is located in a four-storied building, the library is one of the richest resources of the institute; having a total of 53047 volumes, 16000 titles, 80 national and 80 international journals.

The college has a digital library with a membership of AICTE and DELNET consortium, availing access to 1500 e-journals and more than 7 lakh individual documents of various subjects. Institutional membership of the IIT-Bombay, Automobile Research Association of India, British Council Library and Institute of Armament Technology.

Laboratories: There is a total of 65 labs. With lubricant condition monitoring laboratory, network security lab, VLSI laboratory, Composite Material laboratory, and instrumental analysis laboratory.

Internet facility: it offers corporate email ID for each faculty member and corporate SMS system for communication within the faculty members and students, which is linked to the EDUSAT program.

Other facilities: Departmental libraries, Seminar halls, audio-video hall, computer labs, medical facility, media center, health scheme, transport facility, stationary facility, reprographic facility, to all faculty members.

Shared facilities on Campus: The college offers sports facilities for the outdoor and indoor games, Bank, ATM, gymnasium, canteen, hotels and medical facility at the Bharati Hospital.

Some of the amazing and quick facts about the College of Engineering, Pune

College of Engineering, Pune needs no introduction, besides being the most famous and sought out college in Pune, it has recently, created a buzz by launching the India fourth student satellite Swayam. It has a stellar history, which established in the year 1854, it is the 3rd oldest college in Asia. So, read on more to know facts about this magnificent college

The Glorious Main Building!

College of Engineering, Pune main building, has a rich history of around 155 years, and it is still counting! The grandeur of this building is breathtaking. The Victorian Gothic Style Main cultural building is also a habitat for geeks who prefer studying in the lap of peace.

 Boat Club on Campus!

College of Engineering, Pune is the only college to have its own Boat club. Yes, you have heard it right! The annual boating festival Regatta displays some of the finest boating skills of the COEPians. Legendary boats are also displayed in the Regatta. Besides that, witnessing some of the serious preparation for the national and international competitions, this place is the favorite hangouts for students!

No Tuitions! You’re on Your Own.

You would not be able to find tuition for any of the subjects which are taught in the college. This college is autonomous and thus enjoys the freedom to set its own syllabus. There are no tuition centers which provides services just to the COEPians students. So, for all the tuition-dependent souls, the struggle is right ahead of you!

Powerful Professors!

By powerful, it means that you are the mercy of your professor. As this is an autonomous institute, professors are the absolute monarchs in the territories of their course. Beware subjects, keep calm, and keep your professors calm as well!

Ye Club, Wo Club!

It is not the Boat Club that College of Engineering, Pune has, this college has a gamut of clubs. No matter be it an Arts and Craf8ts club or Mad ads Street Play Club for the art connoisseurs, the Satellite Team or the Velociracers for the technology Savvy, the Janeev Club for the environment buddies or the Astronomy Club for the Astroenthusiasts, this college boasts around 50 clubs for the holistic development of its student.

With each and every club organizing some event of the other, there is practically no day when you don’t see new poster publicizing the same. So, don’t worry newbie, you will surely find your cohort soon!

The One with Unpalatable Canteens

With your chest swelling to read about the splendor of this college, let us also tell you that the two canteens here are just other hubs for the houseflies. With the questionable hygienic food, a lot of students find themselves deterred to binge on the food served here. They do draw a lot of helpless students who stop at the time of incomplete assignments. But students, be ready to see your appetite die down the first time you visit these places.

 Entrance Is Exit. Exit is Entrance. And Vice-versa.

This is totally true as it sounds queer. Visitors sometimes are lost finding the entrance just like Alice in Wonderland. The students inside the campus are confused, where to finding a gate for exit. With the flyover construction nearing an end, we may hopefully get a boundary wall and a permanent entrance and exists in the coming future.

 No Ragging! Yay!

College of Engineering, Pune is a campus which has a strict anti-ragging policy. Every year, all the students are made to sign an affidavit for the same. All freshers are welcomed with open arms, and there is no divide between the seniors and juniors. What is more? You might end up with more seniors as your friends than your peers!

The GHB.

GHB, which is mostly known, as an abbreviation for the Girls Hostels Block. Boasting of 11 storied, this building houses around 500 girls from all the batches of engineering. Standing majestically at the heart of the Shivajinagar, this building owes its eco-friendly design to the famous architect Christopher Benninger. The view of the city from the higher floors is captivating. The rooms are luxurious for a hostel, and it is every guy dream as well to visit this paradise.

Great Alumni!

College of Engineering Pune has produced a lot of stalwarts. Be it a famous engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya in whose honor Engineer’s day is celebrated, Sanjeev Bajaj, professor Thomas Kailath, Rajiv or Lila Poonawaala, COEP has a long list of alumni who have great regard for their alma mater.

Guinness World Records? No problem!

COEP has set a yardstick in this segment too! This college has five Guinness World Records in its kitty. It holds the records for the greatest number of people solving the Rubik’s cube in around 30 minutes, Longest Painting, Largest floating image, and the most number of people skipping on a rope simultaneously.

 Mindspark – Baap of College Events in Pune.

The Mindspark is an annually hosted technology festival which is organized by the College of Engineering, Pune. This festival was started in the year 2007 and has gained lots of popularity as India’ largest technical festivals in terms of participation. The idea to organize such an event was to unite various departments level festivals which were scattered across the Academic Calendar. The Mindspark organizations have grown over the period of time, which consists of 20 students managing the administrative portfolios assisted by a team of around 800 volunteers and coordinators. Mindspark usually is held in the first fortnight of October and features around 50 events across the various discipline of engineering. Mindspark is backed by the industry sponsors who are also in the sink with COEP for placement.

Attendance Nahi To Kuch Bhi Nahi!

Yes, you might be a part of some college activity but maintaining a minimum of 75% attendance is what determines your eligibility to appear for your final examinations. Not having a minimum attendance may lead to detention in a particular subject. Attendance in each and every lecture is meticulously taken by the professor. There is limited scope for a proxy successfully environment. So, all you truants at the Boat Club, rush to the class as soon as possible.!

HAM Club

Amateur Radio Club was established in the year 1986 and is one of the oldest technical clubs of the COEP. It communicates with the callsign VU2COE. The Ham Club has communicated with almost each and every corner of the world and even the International Space Station. Ham Club organizes the ASOC exams and also offer supports to students for the same. They also conduct introductory workshops, basic antenna designing workshops annually in the COEP and also in different colleges on the invitation.

Specializations and Departments in College of Engineering, Pune

At present, the College of Engineering, Pune awards the degree of Bachelor of Technology in nine specializations. They were introduced subsequently since the inception of the college.

·        1866: Civil Engineering

·        1914: Mechanical Engineering

·        1932: Electrical Engineering

·        1948: Metallurgical Engineering

·        1956: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

·        1965: Instrumentation & Control Engineering

·        1992: Computer Engineering

·        1995: Production (sandwich) Engineering

·        2001: Information Technology Engineering

Admissions process

The admission to the College of Engineering, Pune(COEP) is based on the merit and are very competitive. Previously, the admissions were given after taking into consideration the percentage of sciences subjects secured in the Higher Secondary School Exam of Maharashtra State. Today, the admission process is changed and are given upon marks scored in the Common Entrance Test for the Engineering of Maharashtra State (MHT-CET). There are some of the special programs designed for the students from the Northeastern part of India, Indian citizens from Kashmir and programs for children of non-resident Indians in the college. The reservation is applied for the SC, ST, OBC, Physically Handicapped as well as the female candidates based on the Government of India and Government of Maharashtra rules. Additionally, many of the students join different departments directly after the first year. These students are those who have previously completed a Diploma in Engineering at various polytechnics in the state of Maharashtra and are admitted after going through a process which is conducted by the DTE.

Placements of the College

Some of the top engineering firms in the country give preferences to the College of Engineering Pune fresh graduates. In the recent times-companies like the Bajaj Auto, Accenture, Google, Symantec, Microsoft, IBM, Tata Motors, L&T, Fiat, Cognizant, TCS, TIBCO Software, Volkswagen India, DE Shaw India Software Pvt Ltd have actively participated in the placement process of the college annually.

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