Interesting Facts about Alliance University

In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Alliance University that you might not know until now.

Alliance University is a private university which is established in the Karnataka State by Act No. 34 of the year 2010 and is even recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC)0, New Delhi. The university was established under the aegis of Alliance Business School. Alliance University has four academics school/colleges as of January 2013, and the university also has plans to expand its academic schools by creating a college of Arta and Humanities, College of Medicine, College of Science, and Health Sciences, College of Education and Human Services and a College of Media & Communication.

7 Interesting Facts about Alliance University

1. Hostel

The school of the Business offers comfortable and well-appointed hostel accommodation to residents, both at on-campus and off-campus locations. Rooms accommodation is extended on a first-come, first-served basis, and participants can avail of hostel rooms either on a single or a shared basis.

2. Placements

The career advancement and networking center at the School of Business provides an interface between the School of Business and the industry by facilitating opportunities for industry internships and final placements. The center even builds relations and networks with industry professionals from across the multiple industry sectors. The career advancement and networking center also advices student communities on career options, arrange for the training and industry interaction sessions while maintaining aa strong alumni network.

3. IT

The School of Business has implemented an information technology network infrastructure, and state of the art unified communication solution for the university campus which is equipped with the latest technology that meets the present and future needs of higher education. The school of Business in association with the WIPRO and CISCO has built a strong network and communication infrastructure, which includes excellent campus-wide Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. Library

The School of the business library has one of the best collections of information sources in management-related disciplines. The library has a large collection of text, reference books, and multimedia as well, which is continuously updated with the latest editions, even while it subscribes to international periodicals, online journals, and databases. The library maintains an intranet website through which student communities can access the online database, catalogue, and journals anywhere in the campus with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. The library also has a digital library offering a full-text collection of documents. The collection includes faculty publications and multimedia. It has ample reading room facilities spread over the flour floors, with a seating capacity for more than one thousand students.

5. Seminar Halls

The institute has spacious seminar halls with excellent acoustics for interactions with practitioners and other professionals.

6. Classrooms

The University has Amphitheatre-style lecture halls and classrooms.

7. Residential Facility

Residential accommodation is available for faculty and staff.

Some of the other Facilities include the: Fitness Center, Departmental stores, healthcare centre, food court, administration block, and recreational facilities.


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