life hacks for students

In this article, we are going to tell you 10 amazing life hacks for students that every student must follow to stay focused and thrive in graduate school.

It can be so hard to adjust to the university environment when things are so different from home; you may not be used to living so may, very different people, you might be really struggling to find a functional work-life balance, and it can generally be so hard to get by on the notoriously tight student budget.

No need to panic – we are here to help you out take a few deep breaths and remember these useful tricks that they definitely won’t teach you in a lecture.

10 Life Hacks for Students to Thrive in Graduation School

1. Create a high-powered wake-up call

Worried that you will sleep through your alarm before an early morning tutorial? All you need to do is pop your phone into a glass, and the sound will be amplified so that you will get a really loud wake-up call. Just make sure that the glass is empty before you do it.

2. Add your timetable to your phone lock screen

Always forgetting where you are meant to be and when? Take a snapshot of your timetable with your phone, and then save it as the wallpaper on your lock screen. That way, you will have to look at your schedule every time you want to use your smartphone, so it will always be at the front of your mind.

3. Design a study incentive scheme

Studying getting you down? Why not reward yourself as you move onto each new topic or chapter with your favorite treat? Pro Tip: Think small things like the gummy bears rather than a full-sized chocolate bar – your waistline will thank you.

4. Take breaks every 25 minutes

Regular breaks from your work will keep your mind fresh and healthy. According to the report, the best way is to work in 25-minute intervals and have short rest periods in between to stay much more focused on the task in hand.

5. Ace your next presentation

Nervous about an impeding class presentation? Get one of your friends to ask you a question that you have already prepared for, and then deliver your answer in style. Your confidence will be boosted, and so will your grades.

6. Create an easy visual reference system

At the time of a class, take your notes with the help of different colored pens. You can even use a unique color for every subject or topic, and this will make your notes much easier to find when you need to revisit them at the time of your exams.

7. Use Times New Roman to type your notes

When you are typing up your note for class, then make sure that you use size around 12 Times Roman Font, as it has been proven to be the fastest to read. This will help you to save your precious time when you are studying for your next examination.

8. Clean your keyboard with a post-it notes

Is your PC keyboard covered in crumbs after you ate your lunch at your desk? Just grab a spare post-it notes and rub the sticky side along with the keys. It will even collect all of the dirt and dust, and your keyboard will look as good as new.

9. Make breakfast effortless

You will be surprised by how easy it is to make breakfast in a mug. Take the scrambled eggs, for example – just add the eggs and some of the milk, butter, and seasoning into your favorite cup, and give it q quick microwave. In just a few minutes, you will be left with a great meal.

10. Make last night’s pizza taste delicious again

Lucky, enough to have some pizza slices which is leftover from the last night takeaway? Microwave with a glass of water, and they will taste as good as they did when you first ordered, minus the dreaded chewy crusts!


We have mentioned 10 amazing life hacks for students to make your college life so convenient and excel in your career. Comment down if we have missed any life hack that you are following or followed and changed your life.

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