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This time let’s do something different!! Our share your dream contest winner Mr.Nandhakumar has shared his life story with us!! We felt it was very inspiring and motivating us to work harder for our goals. So we thought, since it is motivating us, why not share it in a blog so even our lovely students can also be motivated by this inspiring story!!

Mr.Nandakumar inspiring story!!!

I’m Nandhakumar M. I would like to share my story. I belong to a below poverty line family. My Father is a drunkard, he won’t give a single rupee to our family. There are 8 in our family. My brother is married, had 1 child and my sister is married, had 1 child but divorced. My mother is a cotton mill worker as a daily wager.  I studied in a government school from class 1 to class 12. During my school days I was my class topper and in SSLC I got 489 marks and became school topper. I received the Kamarajar award from the government of Tamil Nadu given by Our higher education minister and district collector, then I received best student of the year award from LIC, then I received best student award from shahana NGO. Then In my SSLC, I was with my grandmother because my parents went to Coimbatore for construction work.

Higher education

Then after completing my school education, I was afraid of my higher studies as we don’t have money for my studies, so I was searching for opportunities, then I applied for the Maatram foundation Education scholarship. Luckily I got free admission at Kumaraguru college of liberal arts and science, Coimbatore. I haven’t paid any amount for my higher studies. As I was a Tamil medium student from my whole school days, I wasn’t able to speak English like other students in my college.

As our college is a prestigious institute in Coimbatore, only rich students were there, they studied in ICSE, CBSE, English medium and from many best schools. So I was the only person in my below poverty line family, from Government school, Tamil medium, Rural background, so I was in fear that I can cope up with them or not. Finally, with my faculties and friends’ help, I could speak better English, and I even presented my paper in 4 national and international conferences in English.

During my college days, I was active in all clubs and forums, I assumed as vice President of the Department of Political science. Then, I participated in all events, I received nearly 120 certificates by participating in various competitions, online courses, and volunteering. I got a job at HDFC as a personal banker with 4.5 LPA. My HOD always Praised me for my achievement’s. At the end of my college studies, I received the Best Outgoing Student of the batch award from my principal and HOD. That was a proud moment for me.

His biggest struggle…

And then, I would like to tell you about my biggest struggle in my Life.

As a person of a middle class family, I faced many critical situations in my Life. Here I’ll tell you about a small critical situation and how I handled it. In lockdown our family suffered a lot due to financial problem, we didn’t have Money to lead our day to day life essential things and expenditure like rice, vegetable, milk, then we started using Ration shop Rice, our family situation went very worse. So, I wanted to help my parents, I didn’t like to ask for money from my parents as they were in financial trouble. So I decided to go for work, I worked as a cement concrete worker in a building Construction for 3 months in Tirupur. There, poor living facilities, mosquitoes, Unhealthy food made me leave that work, and I got injured in my hands. I can’t eat food as my hands get small holes. As a result of that work, I earned 20000 and I was able to fulfill our family’s financial condition and my expenditure.

Then I started a small snacks business ( Bajji, Bonda shop) in front of my House, My house is located in front of a tea shop, so I thought starting a snacks Shop would attract customers. All Bajji and Bonda were made by myself. On the first day of my business I earned 70 rupees profit, then I continued that work for 1 month, so my income increased day by day. But after 1 month my class schedule was changed to 9-5, so I can’t continue my business.

Part time jobs…..

Then in my semester leave I went to Ooty with my friends not for a trip, but for work, I Worked as a catering server in a marriage hall for one week. All of my friends were facing the same situation as me. So we had to work for our family and for ourselves. Then I started a tuition center for my Village kids as their education was affected by lockdown, I took classes for them. Even though I was facing financial problems, I took tuition for them for free. Then on weekends I went for work, with my friends, so my friends and I saved some money with that work. With that Money we bought a used car. Because our biggest aim is to buy a car as none of our family members and relatives had cars. I was not able to fulfill expenditure, but after working in various places I was able to give 25000 to my parents. During all my financial problems, StuCred helps me a lot, I am very much thankful to StuCred. I did all that work even though I had my online classes.

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