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Hey students
So this time I came up with something really interesting!! Wherever we go everyone asks the same thing which is hey did you complete your exams? How much did you get?? Hey, did you pass the placement interview??, come on, you are the eligible child of the family, be responsible!  Blah., blah., blah!! So now let us discuss how one should value his freedom and responsibilities!! 

Simply defined, freedom and responsibilities are like a car and a steering wheel. The car represents freedom, while the driving wheel represents duties. It is dangerous to have freedom without responsibility as it will result in a mess!! Similarly, if you have responsibilities but no freedom, it is meaningless. The two must coexist or go together. You once found yourself wondering of freedom without ever considering the great responsibility that would come with it. You enjoy freedom, but you haven’t carried out your responsibilities. No point at all. 

Keeping yourself fit during a pandemic
Keeping yourself fit during a pandemic

Hey, but there’s something you should be aware of: freedom entails responsibility for every act, for every breath, for anything you do or don’t do. So my dear friend , be proud of yourself no matter where you are, trust yourself and move forward with your life. There are no big  obstacles in the world which you can’t remove from your way to success. Always remember one thing that if you believe in yourself that you can do it then you can do it, if it is otherwise then in every step you will fear!! So say bye to fear and say hello to the confident side of you. And yeah forgot to say one thing- Keep Smiling Always!!!

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