Hey Student, here we suggest some old classics to read as college can bring upon an unwanted reading list that only has so much to offer. Trust us; there are plenty of good reads which you might not know of that will make reading interesting again. Reading books at the time of your college days can also help you to learn how to engage your audience and learn a bit more about diction. so do check them out!!

A Brave New World

A Brave New World is a science fiction that takes place in the world of the future. It is based on a forced utopian world where everyone is forced to believe that they are happy with classical conditioning. The Brave New World also looks down upon individuality and has been built far from the regular civilization to achieve their farce utopia. Of course, there is always a character that never fails to stand out no matter what they really do. A brave New World will help you to understand the difference between accepting things as they are and fighting for the things that will make each individual happy. It is definitely a must-read book for college students because of the advanced author way of thinking.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, one of the most endearing and timeless masterpieces of children’s literature, has remained a solid favorite with people all over the world ever since it first appeared. It was first released in The American Magazine in 1910 as a serial story before being published as a novel in 1911.

Mary Lennox, an orphan, moves into her uncle’s magnificent home on the Yorkshire Moors and discovers it to be full of mysteries. Although there are almost one hundred rooms in the home, her uncle keeps himself locked up. She also occasionally hears weeping along one of the lengthy hallways at night. Mary’s only retreat is the massive building’s gardens. Then, Mary finds a high wall garden that is closed with a missing key. One day, she finds a way in with the aid of two unexpected friends. Can Mary bring the garden back to life, or is everything there dead?

The Mysterious Affair At Styles

Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time. She is the creator of the most enduring figure in crime literature-Hercule Poirot . Poirot, a Great War exile, has made his home in England close to Styles Court, the rural mansion of his wealthy patron, the elderly Emily Inglethorp. Poirot employs his extraordinary investigation abilities when Emily is poisoned and the authorities are perplexed. There are several people who could have committed the crime, including the victim’s much younger husband, her spiteful stepsons, her lifelong hired companion, a young relative working as a nurse, and a London expert on poisons who just so happens to be in the local village.

You Can Win by Shiv Khera

This may be a conventional self-help book, but Shiv Khera has managed to reach out to everyone with his simplistic yet powerful ideas. The good thing about this book is that the language is kept simple and to the point which makes it easier to understand. You can win, focus on achieving success with a positive attitude and personal growth.

The most emotionally strong quote from this book is: “Be strong so that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.”

The most emotionally strong quote from this book is: “Be strong so that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.”


For the young generations, Hamlet has been one of the must-read books for almost every college student. If you have not reached this precious gem, then go ahead and start as soon as you can. This legendary play by Shakespeare is where we got the famous question of “To be or not to be?”. The story emphasizes that every human being should think twice and takes responsibility for all their deeds and decisions. Hamlet is good that you will soon find out that one of the favorite childhood storylines take a lot from the theoretical play – Cough Cough The Lion King.

The Innovator’s Dilemma

The Innovator Dilemma is a must-read entrepreneurship book for college students. Many journalists have highlighted this title for the unusual topic that the book covers. The Innovator’s Dilemma shares plenty of stories that deal with the young companies and amazing businesses that failed even though they took every right step. This particular book also covers some of the trendy topics and traditions that college students participate in and love. Christensen also covers the importance of emerging as a market leader and how to do it.

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