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Best College Fests in India

Every year, colleges all across India host cultural festivals, or fests, to help students break the monotony of their demanding and stressful student lives. Eagerly awaiting the chance to break free, students hold their breath until finally, it’s time for…

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Best Colleges for Sports in India, sports college in india for football, sports college in india for cricket, sports college in india for basketball

Best Colleges for Sports in India

Today I am not writing about engineering colleges! While Commerce, Engineering, and Arts, are the more traditionally taken educational routes, India also offers some great opportunities for those who want to pursue the sport. Remember when you hated P.E/ P.T…

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Amazing Facts about Amity University, Interesting facts about Amity university, unknown facts about amity university, Facts about Amity university nobody knows

Interesting Facts about Amity University

One of the biggest universities if the biggest university in India, Amity University was founded in 1995 by the Amity Education group. Since then, several branches of the University have been established all around the world including countries India, Dubai,…

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