StuCred For Startup

What is StuCred for Startup!!

Since StuCred has entered your life as a pocket money savior. Now we want to build up your career. Presenting StuCred for Startups, an opportunity for students to build their dream empire right from their college. You pitch your idea and we will fund you. So how does this happen? you pitch your idea to us via a google form which is attached below. Once you are shortlisted, you will have 15 mins for pitching your idea to our panelists. So, All The Best!!

Why do you have to choose StuCred for Startup!!

StuCred is your best friend who is there for you when you are in need of money. When it comes to your career, can we step back, NO! Share your ideas with us, get it approved and start your dream project!

How are we moving ahead!!

So here is the plan about how can you reach us

So here is Varshitha Reddy( Founder of VivaLyf) from Shark Tank sharing her experience with us!!

Initially, it was really funny, it was a very long process from August to October, We auditioned in Bangalore at the end-august of, there were 65,000 entries out of which approximately 1500 were auditioned and 200 startups were shortlisted. The experience was phenomenal, to say the least. You get just 2-3 minutes to make an impact. VIVALYF INNOVATIONS is a Hyderabad-based healthcare startup, aiming to build an ecosystem regulating the world’s fastest-growing medical disorders by combining Innovation, Science, and technology to achieve highly accessible and easily affordable diagnostic and healthcare solutions.

 Any advice for youngsters who are keen to get into entrepreneurship?

1. Don’t start a business to make money: Start a business doing what you are passionate about and what you love. Do not start a business with the sole purpose of getting profits and making money because at some point in time you will lose interest and your business will fail. 

2. Try to set optimistic and realistic goals: Setting goals is one thing but, setting realistic goals is something entirely different. Your goals need to be challenging but, still, you should be able to accomplish them.

 3. Connections are key: Connections play a very crucial role in business, it’s all about who you know and what you know. Try to build a network of people for everything so that way you will be having a person for everything.

 4. Learn to fail fast: Every team’s objective is to create and deliver a great idea which customers love. One way to meet this objective is to build it fast and test it ASAP, thus quickly changing the course when something isn’t working instead of continuing down the same wrong path.

Don’t forget that StuCred has your back! Be sure to always refer to our blog for further tips on financing your future.