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College isn’t the easiest time to get/stay fit. Even the fittest of us slip into binge eating and desserts become our best friends in this transitional time. However, it isn’t impossible to get fit during the semester either. An episode of the black mirror and a treadmill can do you wonders! If you’re not a fan of the gym or don’t have one around you, do not worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here are some alternative routes you can take to get yourself in shape.

1. Join a fitness class

Yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts, boxing zumba – the possibilities are endless. Fitness classes provide a stress-free way to keep fit. Based on accessibility, travel convenience, and personal preference, you can make a choice. Moreover guided fitness is always advantageous as the trainer can give you special exercises to tone and strengthen specific parts of the body.

2. Follow fitness blogs

Fitness Blogs are ideal for when you don’t have enough time to travel for your workout. In addition to physical exercises, fitness blogs often also provide holistic health advice through dietary tips and meal planning. Being part of a larger community can keep you motivated and inspired. Often run by fitness trainers and other professionals, you can be sure you’re receiving quality advice.

Our picks: Nerd fitness, Blogilates.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find all things fitness related. Especially to target specific areas of the body you might want to improve, Pinterest provides detailed charts and diagrams for this purpose. Simply print out the charts you need and put them up somewhere visible to keep you motivated. Check out StuCred’s Pinterest board to help you get on your way to being Fit & Fab.

4. Swimming/Sports

Team sports and swimming are easy ways to stay fit especially if you don’t enjoy the gym atmosphere. From tennis to badminton and even horse-riding, competitive sports are an easy way to stay fit while also having fun. Swimming may not be as easy for college students, but if you can find a local pool or even one in your apartment, be sure to make full use of it (nothing burns calories like swimming does).

5. Use a fitness app

If the time crunch is a large part of the reason you are unable to maintain your fitness routine, simply download a fitness app. There are even ones that help you complete your whole workout in 7 minutes. However, with these, consistency is key for results. A simple and short workout can do wonders for your body but only if you do it every day. This is where the app comes handy. Enable push notifications to let the app remind you to work out every day so you definitely won’t forget.

6. Do squats when studying or lunges with laundry 

To spice up your daily routine and add some fitness to your mundane daily chores, take a break from your studying by doing a couple of squats. Get up every few hours to take a walk. Jumping jacks are a simple cardio exercise you can do anywhere. Make small changes in your daily routine. Rather than driving to the nearby shop, walking can help you burn a few calories and so can take the stairs. It is the cumulation of these small lifestyle changes that can really help you get fitter.

7. Cycle

Cycling provides dual benefits. Aside from being great for cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle strength, posture, and coordination, cycling is also an easy way to get around. If you don’t want to cycle alone, just call your friends along. Cycle to your lunch cafe date, your study group and even to run errands – be the ultimate multitasker.

How did you keep in shape despite your hectic college schedule? Let us know below!

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