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The easiest way to make sure you find time to travel during your semester is to plan in advance and save, seems kind of obvious. Wondering why you clicked on this now? We’ve got some pro-tips from students who actually managed to travel during, before and after every semester in college. Here are our simple but effective tips to satisfy your wanderlust!

Finding the time to travel

1. Plan in advance

All aboard the obvious train… hear us out though!

Step 1: The minute all your tests are scheduled, submission dates are given and presentation days assigned, pull out a calendar (physical or digital) block them out.

Step 2: Next block out public holidays, family functions you need to attend and festivals.

Step 3: Realistically list how much time you’ll need for each assignment and tests.

Step 4: Every weekend left unmarked is an opportunity to explore the world!

Step 5: (optional) get a set of friends who are also free around then and (not optional) book your tickets!

2. Be spontaneous with change

Yes, we are aware of the complete contradiction between our first point and this one. No matter how much we plan sometimes it doesn’t work for some of us. When unexpected holidays pop up Be willing to hop on a train, plane or bus at moment’s notice and wing your trip. Don’t shy away from the idea because you haven’t planned or packed (sidebar: check out our article on Travel Essentials to make sure you don’t forget to pack anything ever again). The world has too many places to be explored and itineraries are optional.

3. Finish your work in advance

Whether you plan in advance or spontaneously pack your bags and leave town, if you’re the all-nighter-before-a-submission type, travelling might not be the best idea for you. If the idea of visiting new places or old ones, walking through towns without a care in the world doesn’t convince you to finish your work, we don’t know what will!

Finding the Money to Travel

1. Add google alerts for your destination

Of all the Google products, probably the most useful and underrated one! Google alerts lets the news you won’t find you instead of searching for it. If there’s a particular place you’re dying to visit, but haven’t found flights or hotels within your budget, this might be the saving grace you’re looking for! Here’s how.

2. Find a group of people willing to split the cost

The room cost too high? Get one more person to go with you and just pay half, not so expensive now is it? Found the most amazing weekend trek, but cheaper per head if it’s a group? You know what to do! It’s not just a marketing gimmick, things are often cheaper by the dozen. Travelling with your friends can give you an opportunity to bond and have a good time without worrying about submissions and tests.

3. Be flexible with your destination

We all have dream destinations we can’t wait to visit, but holding on to the hope that one fine day it’ll fall right into your budget is a great way to focus on what you want to achieve. However, not travelling anywhere else is just a little silly. We are not asking you to give up on your dream destination, just to put it off a little longer. Travelling is an experience, whether you love the destination or not, sometimes it really is about the journey!

Any tips you have for us? Let us know!

Tags-travelling, travelling expenses, travelling images, travel images, a travelling experience, a travelling man, travelling quotes, 3 Ways to Fit Travelling into your Schedule and Budget