When Will Covid Third Wave Hit India?

When will covid third wave hit India is the next big question! While some people in the country are still debating if there will be a third wave or not, many experts say it is not a question of ‘If’ but a question of ‘When’. 

Government and health officials are now constantly alerting people about the likelihood of a third wave of coronavirus illnesses after failing to sufficiently prepare for the second wave.

According to research put together by professor Giridhar babu and doctor V Ravi in all likelihood, the Covid third wave might be in late November or December of 2021. That puts the Wave 3 to arrive in the country just after Diwali and go into New year’s if those calculations are correct.

Based on the current situation, two scenarios are likely to occur. First, the virus slowly infects people until herd immunity is achieved, and then a new, more infectious variation causes an increase in cases until everyone is immune.

India’s brutal second wave of Covid-19 has barely receded and there is already talks about another lockdown and restrictions. Covid third wave is unavoidable, but the number of persons infected will be determined by the speed with which preventive measures are implemented and vaccines are administered. An expert council has recommended that the government speed up immunization and focus on non-pharmacological therapies.

India has only fully vaccinated around 4% of its people, with the other 20.8 per cent receiving only one dose, sparking fears that the third wave of Covid-19 cases will result in a terrible number of hospitalization and fatalities, even as the country recovers from past infection. [Source: Wion]

When Will Covid Third Wave Hit India & Will it be Stronger Than the 2nd Wave?

There has been anticipation that the third wave will be even more powerful than the second. This, on the other hand, isn’t something that can be predicted. 

Every new wave is typically predicted to be weaker than the previous one. This is because the virus has a pretty free run once it arises, given that the entire population is vulnerable.

There would be considerably fewer susceptible individuals in later runs since some of them would have developed immunity.

In India, however, this logic has been flipped completely around. Only a small percentage of the population was infected when the number of infections began to decline in India after mid-September last year.

Since the second wave was expected to be weaker than the first one, many people were led to believe that the pandemic is coming to an end. With the painful lessons learned, there are now suggestions that the third Covid wave in India will be even stronger.

If a third Covid wave hits India that is even stronger than the second, vaccinations will be a powerful weapon in India’s arsenal. Doctors believe that vaccinations could help India avoid a disaster like the one that occurred in April and May. To save ourselves from the third wave, each individual must take the necessary precautions.

Who is at the Most Risk of the Next Covid Wave in India?

Experts believe that those at risk include those not protected by vaccination or not infected yet. The younger age group are set to be more likely to be at risk as well. This includes children. At the same time, a higher risk of infection does not mean a higher risk of illness especially when it comes to children.

How to Save Ourselves From Covid Third Wave? 

Though there are a lot of questions on when will covid third wave hit India or If there will be a third wave at all. We should never take it lightly, we must learn from our mistakes from the past. 

Here are some preventive measures we should follow to make sure the third covid wave if it hits India wouldn’t be as bad as the last time


Thankfully, we now have various vaccines that we didn’t have access to in the previous Covid -19 wave. 

Don’t risk people’s health. Get vaccinated! These vaccines are not experimental.

They have been through all the stages of development. By vaccinating, not only are you contributing to mass wellness but also increasing your immune system. 

Avoid Close Contact 

Maintain a distance of at least three feet between yourself and anyone. It’s difficult to tell who’s infected and who isn’t.

You’ll be able to avoid direct contact with respiratory droplets produced by coughing or sneezing if you keep your distance.

Wear Double Mask 

If you follow the simple rule of wearing a double mask, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It provides a basic defence against airborne germs and infections. Make sure you wear the mask that covers your nose and mouth, reducing your chances of becoming a source of disease.


Continue to wash and sanitize your hands frequently. Touching your face with unwashed hands is not a fine decision. Always keep hand sanitizer on hand.

Avoid Social Gathering 

Since early 2020, the world has been dealing with a pandemic. The pandemic has had a significant impact on all of us.

It will help if you stick to the protocol of staying indoors and leaving only in an emergency. This way, we’d be able to get rid of the virus.

Remember Covid 19 is still here and can spread even further. Don’t repeat mistakes we made after the first and second Covid waves.

If Covid-appropriate behaviour is followed and the rate of vaccination is increased, a third Covid wave in India can be delayed and may be less severe than the first two 

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