online events in college

Conducting online events in college is the only way left to keep the students motivated and active during this pandemic. The pandemic has locked down the world and nearly everything, and everyone has been affected greatly but for students, there are multiple scenarios in which they got affected. But it can certainly not lock the spirit to connect, interact, co-operate, enjoy and learn. 

It can stop our body but not the flight of imagination. And in this flight of thoughts social media and the internet has played a very vital role. Without it, it would not have been possible. And as a young person spends a lot of time on the internet, it becomes easier for them to interact with their professors. Although, nothing can ever replace the human touch, the physical presence of a teacher in a class full of students, still we can overcome any situation if we are dedicated and honest about our work and goals.

Colleges have utilized the social platform and internet fully for the purpose of education as well as considering various other events. All the teachers and students and some guests come together to conduct online events in college successfully. 

Some ideas for college events during the pandemic

The various online college events that have been conducted during this pandemic are:

  • Virtual reunion: Through which old and new friends reunite.
  • Virtual commencements: addresses celebrity performances and inspirational speeches have kept the morale high of students in this time of despair.
  • Virtual Runs / Walkathons: have brought the community together.
  • Virtual happy hours: have been celebrated to relieve stress and overcome the feeling of loneliness.
  • Virtual dance parties: it’s a hit during this pandemic.
  • Virtual fundraising: events have been on an increase during the pandemic for helping the needy and distressed.
  • Seminars and webinars: have become a regular feature in all the institutions for giving information and interacting.
  • Virtual book clubs: have been formed to catch up on old classics as there is ample time now. Members read the books, discuss and share their views.
  • Virtual gaming nights: can become a great way to reduce and relieve stress.
  • Virtual Environment Day Celebration: Poster making and Planting trees in the house garden.
  • Virtual Career Counseling
  • Recently there was International Yoga day and virtual yoga sessions have also become very popular.

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Tools that help you conduct online events in colleges

  • Google meet: is a popular video and meeting tool. It offers direct messaging, group chats, videos etc
  • Microsoft team: it makes remote collaboration easy.
  • Zoom: it is the best video conferencing and meeting solution.
  • Facebook live: it helps in broadcasting anything in real-time and connects to the audience.
  • Youtube live: it also helps in interacting with the audience in real-time.
  • Webex: is also a great solution for video conferencing and content sharing.
  • GoToWebinar: it helps to share screens dynamically.


Online class changes the entire atmosphere of studies. It has advantages and disadvantages as well, as it decreases the physical interaction but I personally think, as on my part, this online structure of studying also helps me to have time and to live my hobbies and I am also happy to discover new ones too. As in offline classes, sometimes it was not possible to do extracurricular activities or the thing that I have an interest in with all the ongoing studies and college works. So I think this lockdown has helped students like me to discover a new self.

We can rightly say that this pandemic has created distances physically but mentally and emotionally it has brought us together.

We can rightly say that this pandemic has created distances physically but mentally and emotionally it has brought us together.