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StuCred was founded two years ago. We officially launched the StuCred app and began lending a mere eight months ago. But in that short amount of time, StuCred has quickly become the favourite money lending platform for anybody that uses it.

There are many reasons for this, key amongst them is trust. StuCred is one of the most trustworthy financial companies, with an objective that reflects this quality- to educate and empower the students of India.

StuCred understands college students better than any other company because it was thought of by college students. We understand the financial troubles that most students inevitably face during their college days. That is why you can trust that StuCred will always be there whenever you are in need.

One of our users expressed their trust by saying,

I think when students get a loan so easily with full trust and understanding from an organization then I want to thank that organization for that…I have full trust in stucred and I believe its a very good organization which is helping people to loan some credits🙂

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No Strings Attached (Interest-Free)

At first, you might be apprehensive- it seems too good to be true because how could there possibly be no interest on your loan? Well, it is true. Loans from StuCred are interest-free. Last I checked, friendships don’t come with an interest rate, do they?

Why StuCred Customer Service is Great, StuCred customer care, Stucred customer care, stucred customer care number, stucred company, stucred bangalore, stucred chennai

Once again, the intention behind StuCred is to help students. As such, we want to give you enough opportunity to gain financial independence and learn fiscal responsibility- both are essential in the long run. At StuCred, we understand that most colleges students simply don’t have the means to make regular, high-interest, payments and this adversely effects their credit score. Instead, StuCred charges a service fee deducted from your loan- the rate of this fee depends on the amount you wish to borrow.

By not charging unreasonable interest rates, StuCred enables you to build your credit score, which will also play a critical role in your future. Now you can see why we charge no interest. It is to give you a realistic chance so that you can take matters into your own hands from a young age.

One of our users describes StuCred as a,

very nice app … instant credit to account that too interest free … I am simply loving it.

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While another user exclaimed,

StuCred has proved to be super useful and trustworthy. I would recommend this app to anybody in need of a short term, interest free, loan. It really is interest free!

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Short-Term and Real-Time

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Our loans are given in real-time, another distinguishing quality that really sets StuCred apart. This means that once your loan is approved, the money will be deposited into your bank account immediately.

StuCred believes in helping students in need and sometimes that need is urgent. Therefore, we ensure that you get the help you need when you need it.

Multiple users have found this to be extremely useful and beneficial. One user said,

Stucred is one app that is very useful for students who wants the money within minutes and the service tax is also payable compared to other apps definitely I can suggest (student cred) app for instant money for the urgent purposes like train ticket and Recharges and for exam fee, definitely this will be a good app for the student. Thank you Stucred.

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While another said,

Just the right thing. Hassle free and quick.

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Once you have completed the on boarding process, that is registering with StuCred, all you have to do is add your bank account. You can then select your desired loan amount from your credit limit and may find your money in your bank in as little time as 30 seconds. Indeed, we found that most of StuCred’s users are most pleased with this feature.

StuCred’s loans are short-term, which means that you have the opportunity to build your credit score by taking out regular loans in small amounts. The idea is allow students to repay small loans consistently to build their credit history. Combined with its other features, StuCred really is a best friend to any student in need.

Whenever You Are in Need

Yes, StuCred will be there whenever you urgently need money for anything. You may merely need us to satisfy a craving for your favourite food, and we’ll be there. Isn’t that what friends are for?

One of StuCred’s users said,

Best app I’ve ever used to get instant low sum loans. Being a student, this app is a boon for me. It allows me to get my finances sorted anywhere and anytime.

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We Will Always Help

Our availability also applies to any doubts or issues you may have. StuCred’s customer care team is always ready to answer your queries and find a resolution for you as soon as we can. Please do not hesitate to contact customer service if you ever need something resolved or clarified.

One of StuCred’s users shared their positive experience with our customer care team,

very good response from customer service I didn’t expect this much love you guys…very helpful…and very patient response…

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As mentioned above, one of the foundational objectives of StuCred is to educate the student community about financial independence and credit scores. So even if you think you might default on a payment, do not worry. We are not out to get you. StuCred will work with you in order to resolve the issue by taking into consideration your circumstances. In certain cases, we won’t charge you a late payment fee.

Please remember that defaulting will effect your credit score and we do not want that to happen. It would be advisable to reach out to us, if you think you might default, well beforehand.

Spreading the Positivity

Here’s what a number of our users had to say about StuCred…

One cannot expect to get a credit faster than this. The service is amazing and the UI is fantastic. Got money when I needed it desperately. Thanks StuCred!

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Wonderful app. Lifesaver for students who are in need of some immediate money. Very convenient!

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very amazing application. even if your college is not listed mail them they will help you immediately. Thank you so much StuCred for financial help.

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Fastest way to get loan whenever you need and where ever you are. The amount disbursement is instant. would highly recommend.

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Its a wonderful and fast processing app, within 3 hours my account has been approved and amount credit with in fraction seconds.I will suggest you to try this app.

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One of the best app for college students. Extremely easy to use. Got cash within a minute

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This app is a gift for me. I can get small loans very easy. it took only some minutes to complete the process and money was transferred instantly.

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Incredible app. Really helps in a pinch. Kudos to the team!

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Best app.. it’s very easy completed my registration and I got approved..within secs I got the money in my account..really the best app for everyone..and the customer care service is really very nice..they respond very quickly..thank u stucred..

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StuCred really is your best friend in need! Download StuCred now and gain a friend you can count on.