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Creating a budget is hard and sticking to one is even harder. Most often we convince ourselves to spend on certain things only to regret it shortly after. Is there a solution to never feeling regret after spending? Probably not… but fret not. We promised to help educate you on financial responsibility so here we are!

Here’s a short and easy list you can keep in mind the next time you’re shopping!

Spend on:

1. Travel

Spending on travel can never be a bad idea. Travelling enriches your soul in a way no material thing can. Whether you’ve been to a handful of places or to the remote corners of the Earth, you know what we mean. Maybe you want to chill on the beach, climb the Everest or backpack your way through a place or two. Wherever the destination, make the journey. Everything else can wait.

2. A Pair of Jeans

There are few things in life that feel as good as a pair of jeans that fit just right. For students especially, it’s a must-have item in your wardrobe. It requires very little effort in terms of laundry. You can wear it to class and you can wear it to a party. A beach day or the movies, there’s no place you can go where a pair of jeans look out of place. The key is to buy a neutral colour that matches multiple items in your wardrobe and not a fad one that will be irrelevant soon. Investing in a good and durable pair will prevent having to replace it frequently; riding up your expenses.
4 Things to Spend on & 4 Things to Save on

3. Formal Wear

Don’t roll your eyes at the screen! Formal wear may be the last thing you want to go shopping for, but it should be high up on your priority list. A good set of formal clothes created the right first impression when you’re trying to find a campus placement or internships. It tells the interviewer you’re responsible enough to join the big leagues.

4. Anything That Will Create Memories

This one sounds vague because it is! In life, we carry our memories with us wherever we go. However, what is memorable to one person need not hold the same value to someone else. So, whatever makes you happy, a day with your friends or a nice gift for mom, get to it. There’s nothing more precious than memories that make you smile whenever you think of them.

Save on:

1. Excessive Sale Time Shopping

We have all fallen into this trap more times than any of us would like to admit. Here’s the truth we’ve all been avoiding… we all spend more during sale days, buying things we don’t even like thaaaaat much. Window shop before the sale season begins so that you know what you actually want and what’s just attractive to you because of the price tag.

2. Clothes You Know You’ll Only Wear Once

Buying an outfit exclusively for a party that EVERYONE will attend? Don’t. Once everyone has seen it you’ll probably not want to repeat it anywhere else and leave it in your wardrobe forever. Just skip this one and restyle an outfit to fit the occasion. You’ll thank us later for this one!

3. Expensive Gym Memberships

Did you know that the number of members in a gym is far more than all the machines can accommodate? Gyms run on the principle that people like you and me will religiously turn up on New Year’s Day to pay a yearly fee that remains largely unused after the 4th of January. Quit this and try home workout videos and Pinterest. When you find yourself dedicating the time and want to take it to the next level, reward yourself with a gym membership.

4. In-App Purchases

These are probably the sneakiest type of spending we don’t pay attention to because the amounts are inherently low. The problem here is that we tend to do it so frequently that the average amount keeps increasing steadily without even realizing it. Next time you’re playing a game and an extra life will take too long to refill, don’t immediately upgrade. Instead, you could play another game or try something new without the phone in your hand.

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