Improve Your Memory

In this article, we are going to tell you 9 best tips to improve memory power to stay focused on your goals and achieve success and life as well.

Is it really possible to improve your memory?

If you have ever found yourself forgetting where you left your keys or blanking out information on important tests when you have probably wished that your memory was a bit better. Moreover, there are plenty of ways that you can do to help improve your memory.

Obviously, utilizing some sort of reminder system can even help. Setting up an online calendar that sends reminders to your smartphone helps you to keep track of all those meetings and appointments. Creating daily to-do lists that can make sure that you don’t forget important tasks that need to be completed.

But what about all the important essentials that you need actually to cement into your long term memory? It will take some of the efforts and even involve tweaking or dramatically changing your normal study routine, but there is a wide range of strategies that you can utilize to get more out of the memory.

Before, your next big exam, make sure to check out some of these tried and tested techniques for improving memory. These are research prove strategies that can effectively improve memory, enhance recall, and increase the retention of information.

How to Improve Memory Power?

1. Exercise

Exercise helps your brain to work at its optimum capacity by stimulating nerve cells to multiply, thus strengthening their interconnections and protecting them from some other further damage, which makes it a great way to increase memory power and concentration.

2. Play Brain games

Wondering how to increase concentration power? Your brain will deteriorate if you don’t sufficiently challenge it with the new, surprising information at the regular fixed intervals of time. One way to challenge your brain is with the help of ‘brain games’ which could include the riddles, solving puzzles, and you can also play online with the help of websites like the

3. Get yourself organized

If your house is in a mess, then you are more likely to forget things. So, de-clutter, make a list of tasks so that you need to do. It is even better to set aside a particular place at home to keep your things and thus limit distractions. When you physically write down new information, it actually helps reinforce it, thus improving the memory power.

4. Eating the right kind of food

The foods that you consume – and don’t consume, play an extremely important role in your memory. Fresh vegetables are necessary, as are healthy fats and also avoiding grain and sugar carbohydrates.

5. Make a time plan for yourself

Having a plan set for yourself is a must. If you set a time target in order to achieve a certain level of the task, adhering to the plan will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is what will keep you concentrated on the task at hand. Also, it will decrease any kind of distractions by improving your drive towards your goals.

6. Controlling your thoughts

This is easier than done, and you will only be able to do it through practice. Moreover, you must even try to control your wandering mind while you are even performing a task or at work. Here is a trick to control your internal thoughts: Try to cut our irrelevant thoughts off in between by trying to have some of the more relevant thoughts. This is an essential habit to be able to improve the concentration power.

7. Multitasking is a bad idea

Can’t find our keys while leaving home for work? It is probably because you were not paying enough attention when you put them down somewhere. When you are concentrating and juggling between too many things simultaneously, you are even bound to forget. To our surprise, experts say that the brain does not actually multitask. Instead, it just switches focus from one thing to the other, which is why it makes it difficult for us to read a book and have a concentration at the same point of time.

8. Do not procrastinate!

We all tend to procrastinate, and it is humanly a trait as breathing. Moreover, you should train yourself and try to do it less and lesser. Convince yourself to not to leave in the middle of a task, finish it off and then leave. Once you are already halfway through it, you are even bound to find motivation for the rest half as well.

9. Meditation is the key

Meditation is a very powerful tool, which can be utilized to increase your concentration as well as brainpower. Meditation reduces stress, thus helping in improving memory power.


We have mentioned 9 best tips to improve your memory power, concentrate on your studies and stay focused to achieve your goals. Comment down if which tip you are going to follow first.

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