Boost Your Memory

In this article, we are going to explain to you 8 best tips to boost your memory.

One of the qualities of a brilliant student is having a good memory power. Students need to learn and understand the things as well as to retain that learning in their mind for a long time. Only learning things may not be enough. A student should also retain this learning in his mind so that he can reproduce this learning in his exam to get higher marks. Memorizing what you have learned is a part of the preparation for the exam. Being a student, you should have a sketch of what you learned in your mind for a longer period of time. Many students even complain that they can learn things, but they cannot retain it in their mind for the longest time.

8 Best Tips to Boost Your Memory

1. Exercise regularly, especially before an exam

This may sound a little bit strange since there are not many people who can study and exercise at the same point of time, but exercise, even just taking a brisk walk, can help to boost your memory.

Exercise increases the follow of oxygen within your bloodstream, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen reaching your brain. With that oxygen comes valuable nutrients that keep your brand functioning at a high level.

2. Create visual aids and give your brain another way to “see” what you’re studying

By representing the information that you are studying in a visual format, you are even giving your brain with a secondary way to connect with the basic information.

Drawing a diagram or even creating with a Mind map can help you to store and later retrieve the information which you need to remember. The physical act of drawing a diagram will, in and of itself, help you to commit it to memory, but it will also help by creating a new connection between material and your brain.

3. Readout loud to yourself (not recommended for quiet libraries)

Have you ever noticed that when at the time when you are editing a paper it helps to read out loud? You are able to hear things that you may have missed when you were reading normally. This also helps your memory. By reading out in a loud way, your brain pickups on the things that you may have skimmed over without ever knowing it.

4. Take a shower and let your brain do the work for you

Apart from making the other students studying around you happy that you are not the source of that weird smell, this sounds a little bit crazy. But scientists have already proved it: Taking a shower gives your brain with a much-needed break, which can even allow you to come up with your best ideas or finally a solution to a difficult problem.

5. Quiz yourself and practice by teaching others

Quizzing yourself one on the material which you are studying is one of the most common and oldest tricks to help with memorization. It helps you to identify what you know well and what you need to work on more intently and decreases the amount of time which is required to retrieve the information making you more effective and efficient. One of the simplest ways to do this is via flashcards.

6. Watch a documentary and make outside connections

By increasing the number of connections between the topics, you give your brain with more ways to access that information. With the outside information gives you a trigger that can also increase and built up connections.

Find a documentary on the topic you are studying in is a great way to do this. Documentaries give great background information that also helps to create story-based memories. This brain hack is especially great for the visual-spatial thinkers who even benefit from having a “big picture” to organize their thoughts into.

7. Allow yourself the time to take a study break

Short study breaks give your mind and body a time to relax during the study sessions. Taking a five to ten-minute break to visit with friends, meditate, or dance should around your room to your favourite jams actually increase your productivity and creativity as well. The stress relief you get from taking a short break gives your brain some much-needed processing time and even helps to keep exhaustion at bay.

8. Write it down…the old fashioned way

One of the great things about being a student in the 21st century is the amazing amount of access to the latest technology. Information is literally at our fingertips. But the physical act of setting a pen or pencil to paper can actually help you to commit information to memory.

It may be faster to take notes on your laptop in class, but turning those digital notes into the old fashioned way is a great pickup to help internalize the information. Plus, it is like having a built-in study method!


We have mentioned 8 best tips to boost your memory power, concentrate on your studies and stay focused to achieve your goals. Comment down if which tip you are going to follow first.

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