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Maintaining a New Year’s resolution for the whole year is never an easy task. However, there’s no better feeling than the sense of achievement thaN following through on a resolution brings you.

To make your 2019 is as fruitful as possible, we’ve compiled a list of apps that are sure to simplify your new endeavors.

1. Momentum Habit Tracker – Routines, Goals & Rituals 

Availability: iOS (free)

The Momentum app is perfect for integrating habits into your routine or removing them entirely. Through simple goal setting and regular reminders, the app, with its flawless interface, helps you follow through on any goal – from staying hydrated to even quitting smoking. With the additional feature of Apple Watch integration, the app gives your reminders on the go enabling you to stay on track even when busy.

2. GoodBudget Budget Planner

Availability: iOS, Android (free)

If your new year’s resolution is to manage money better, this is the perfect app for you. With the option to share your budgets and sync across devices, GoodBudget lets your family members track your spending as well. This app takes care of all your money management needs and even provides helpful charts and reports to analyze your spending habits. An additional feature is its easy transferability to an Excel sheet. Packed with these useful features, GoodBudget is sure to make you wise with money in no time.

3. Skimble

Availability: iOS, Android (free)

One of the most common resolutions is to get in shape. If this is what you’re struggling with, Skimble provides the simplest solution. With tailored workouts for both the gym and the home, Skimble’s personalized program made by experts will keep you healthy and fit. Skimble also allows for SmartWatch integration, which lets the app track your heart rate as well. The app provides clear audio and video instructions that let you follow along and its additional option of personalized one on one training provides customized workouts for the true fitness buff.

4. Happify

Availability: iOS, Android (free)

Happify is, just as its name suggests, a happiness booster. If you’ve been struggling with stress management this past year, downloading this app is sure to be of benefit. With mini-games, quizzes and other stress-relieving activities curated by psychologists, the app promotes mindfulness and combats negativity. Multifaceted, the app also provides options for meditation and strengthening self-confidence. If your resolution is to work on yourself in the new year, this app will help you keep your moods in control and give you a more positive outlook on life.

5. Scribd

Availability: iOS, Android (free)

Scribd is the perfect way to develop your reading habit in 2019. Once you subscribe, you can access their whole collection of books, magazines, and even audiobooks. This app is especially useful for students, the app lets you access dissertations, journals, and studies. With the download feature, you can access all you need on the go, even without an Internet connection. The app is ideal for book lovers everywhere, with books from over 1000 publishers – all for a 9$ subscription every month.

What app will you be using to keep your resolutions on track? Let us know below!

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