Ever since its establishment in 2010, Alliance University has grown to become a vibrant part of the college environment in Karnataka and in India on the whole and the events that are hosted by the college have played a major part in attaining such a reputation. Several events are held in the University that can offer some essential advice and knowledge to students, as well as giving students the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities as well. Some of the best events that are conducted by the university include:

1.The Alliance National Debate Competition: This event involves debate teams from several colleges around the country that attend to debate on pressing issues at hand. Some of these debate topics have included “The Independence of the Electoral Commission in India” and “One India- One Election” among several other topics. It usually lasts over a span of two days and always includes an important chief guest that speaks about the topics debated on.

2.AllianceuniversityxTED: TED talks organized independently by the TED organization itself are frequently held in Alliance University. Many different personalities specializing in a wide range of subjects have attended the college and given interesting speeches and seminars. On the occasion that you get the opportunity to attend such an event at Alliance University, I highly recommend that you do so as it is a very enriching experience.

3. The Alliance Carnival (Converge): Formally known as Converge to college students, this event is a large showcase of cultural, seminars, exhibitions and projects on the part of students. It is an inter-college event so students from any college within the country can participate in the various events that are held during the Carnival. Some of these include quiz competitions, talent shows, Keynote speeches, exhibitions done by either students or external parties such as the Indian Army, Gaming competitions among many others.
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4.Sammaithri: Named after the Sanskrit word meaning “Good Alliance”, Sammaithri is hosted by Alliance University annually to commemorate and showcase the abilities of their students in the extra co-curricular areas such as dance and music. The Event consists of a more traditional motif and the various dance and music programs conducted during the event usually consist of classical pieces in most cases. Sammaithri is an excellent event to attend if you are a connoisseur of the various Indian Classical art-forms.

5.Pariksha Pe Charcha: A special event held by the college on the eve of final exams in a given semester, Pariksha Pe Charcha is an event that is exclusive to Alliance University Students. It is usually held to provide the students with encouragement and motivation before the final exams begin through beautiful programs highlighting the history and pride of India as well as important politicians who attend to deliver a speech to students and to even answer some questions that students have. The first edition of the event which was held in 2018 had featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the chief guest of the event.

Several other events are constantly being held at Alliance University and students can keep track of them with the help of their official website: alliance.edu.in.

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