A lifehack is any trick, short-cut, method or skill that increases productivity and efficiency, and in some cases, helps you save money. They are intended to make your life easier. There are tons of resources out there if you’re looking for lifehacks. Of course, websites are one way to go and I have listed a few of those below. Another way to look for lifehacks is through videos, of course. Here are a few you could check out, although I don’t personally know much about their utility.

  1. Indian Lifehacker
  2. The King of Random
  3. Troom Troom – Easy DIY video tutorials
  4. Life Hacks & Experiments
  5. Household Hacker

Also, here is a Ted blog on, 25 life hacks you didn’t know you needed, but do. Probably.

1) Lifehacker

This is perhaps the most widely known website to get tips on how to make your life easier. Lifehacker is an award-winning daily blog, featuring shortcuts and downloads to help you get stuff done in a smarter, and more efficient manner. It launched in 2005 and has received tremendous acclaim since, moving quickly to one of the top-linked blogs. They publish 20 tips everyday and have also published two books-  Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day and Upgrade Your Life. Lifehacker has a large variety of tips, including hacks on “offspring“, for those interested.

Some of their articles include:

  1. Use Roasted Garlic for This Three Ingredient Pasta Sauce
  2. How to Customize Your AirPods’ Double-Tap Controls
  3. How to Play With Breasts

2) Dumb Little Man: Tips For Life

Dumb Little Man has a bunch of tips on how you can make your life easier, I suppose all of them do in a sense. Anyway, you’ll find tips on things like finance, health, focus, happiness, success, money…There’s a lot of helpful content here- you’ll find a lot on what most people want in life but can sometimes have trouble getting. If you’re wondering about the name, here is what the founder, Jay White had to say.

To this day, I’m not sure where the name Dumb Little Man came from. Maybe I’ll get analyzed one day by a team of psychiatrists to find out. What I do know is that I have always been into productivity, exceeding goals, automation, and, well, finding a simpler way for everything.

Jay White, Dumb Little Man

Some of their articles include:

  1. Tips for Mastering an Online Video Job Interview
  2. Thoughts, Feelings, And Actions: Guiding the Entangled Trio In Your Favor
  3. How To Use Natural Elements In The Bathroom For Modern Design
  4. Here’s What People Truly Want In Life

3) MakeUseOf

The function of this site is in it’s title- it gives you hacks on how you can make better use of things to be more productive and make life more convenient. However, they have a niche and it is digital productivity, technology infographics, online know-whats/hows – basically all things digital. Nonetheless, I am sure you’ll find some fun and useful stuff on here even if you’re not passionate about the digital world. You might find some hacks that will make your digital life, rather than your physical life, easier.

Some of their articles include:

  1. How to Remap Your Mac’s Function Keys and Do Anything You Want
  2. Skype Now Lets You Share Your Screen on Mobile
  3. Why Are Ebooks More Expensive Than Paperbacks?
  4. How to Unbrick Your Android Phone: 4 Methods for Recovery

4. How-To Geek

I never fully understood why geeks have such a bad rep- why is being interested in, and enthusiastic about, stuff not cool? Maybe that’s changing now. Well this website can be pretty helpful. It is primarily a tech magazine but it covers a lot more than just tech (look at the third article listed below for an example of a non-tech hack). The content is useful and interesting, even if you wouldn’t call yourself a geek.

Some of their articles include:

  1. How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication in Slack
  2. How to Scan (or Rescan) For Channels on Your TV
  3. Minimize Jet Lag with These Tips, Tricks, and Body Hacks
  4. How to Remove Personal Info from a PowerPoint Presentation Before Sharing

5) Productivity501

Ah, the endless pursuit of productivity and the many forms that it acquires. Productivity501 is a blog that gives you tips on how to improve your productivity, even when it comes to the smaller, more basic, things in life. The hope is to ultimately improve the quality of your life.

They divide their tips in categories, like technology or time, for you to choose from. From there, you can select an article that applies best to your needs and areas of improvement. While you might say that this isn’t a lifehack website in the direct sense, it still offers great strategies and tips that will help you succeed in your life. College students might especially their content rather useful when facing focus and time management issues.

Some of their articles include:

  1. Prioritization – More Important Than Any Productivity Technique
  2. Finishing vs. Starting
  3. Top 5 Worst Productivity Ideas
  4. Multi-tasking Experiment
  5. Learn How To Crush Your Goals

6) HowStuffWorks

There is a ton of pretty interesting stuff on this website, especially if you’re curious. Also learning about how stuff works is really the fundamental base to being able to get the most, and the best, use out of something. You’ll find a ton of information about how a whole range of different things work. Some of their categories include: adventure, animals, auto, culture, lifestyle, science, and tech. That’s already quite a lot to cover but they do have more categories. You can also take quizzes on the site, which is a nice little addition to help test whether you’ve learned something useful and retained it.

Some of their articles include:

  1. Two for Teegarden: Pint-sized Star System Discovered Right Next Door
  2. How Galaxies Work
  3. Could the Electoral College Be Obsolete By the Next U.S. Presidential Election?
  4. The Shocking Way To Make Chocolate Taste Better

7) Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a blog that is highly recommended by Lifehacker, and you can find it on the Lifehacker website as well. Their format is quite similar to that of Lifehacker. Gizmodo is design and technology blog, primarily about anything to do with cool, hip and new digital gizmos. Hence, Gizmodo you have the name Gizmodo. In other words, Gizmodo is a blog on the technologies that change the way we live, work, love, play, think and feel. Gizmodo also includes the substitute io9, which focuses on science fiction and futurism.

Some of their articles include:

  1. The 3D-Printed Gun Threat Is Getting Weird and Scary
  2. Researchers ‘Lost’ 17,000 Wallets in Hundreds of Cities to See What People Would Actually Return
  3. Study Warns We Could Melt the Entire Greenland Ice Sheet if We Don’t Change Course
  4. An Appreciation of the Postal Mailbox—and How Its Latest Design Diminishes the Magic of Mail
  5. Algae Raincoats, Mushroom Caskets: New Exhibit Asks Us to Radically Rethink How We Live With Nature
  6. In Case You Were Worried, a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sequel Is Definitely in the Works

8) AddictiveTips

This one is another tech blog but it’s helpful because it gives you tons of hacks to issues we encounter all the time. AddictiveTips offers applications, guides, and how-to tips for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It is in essence a tech blog focused on helping users find free and simple solutions to their everyday problems.

I suppose you might say that the tips are addictive, or can be addictive. But even if you don’t get addicted to said tips, you’ll find some informative and useful content on there. Indeed, they have specific tips on particular devices, tips on VPNS and more.

Some of their articles include:

  1. Root Certificates Explained, All You Need to Know
  2. How to disable a key on the keyboard on Windows 10
  3. How to delete local copy of an iCloud file on macOS
  4. Shift Left-Click A Taskbar Icon To Open A New Instance Of The App
  5. What is the Fastest VPN in 2019 That Won’t Compromise on Speed?

9) 1000LifeHacks

1000lifehacks, as you might have guessed, is a giant collection of life hacks, tips, and tricks in a number of different categories. You will find these post-it-note-style images with quick sentences on them. They describe the lifehack in question. This way, you can easily get the tips you want without having to read a whole article, if you don’t want to that is. Actually, I believe they largely feature quick hacks but I don’t know how accurate some might be.

1000LifeHacks also does videos, which is cool. Another fun feature is this little click option on the top right corner to generate random hacks.

Some of their hacks include (I have really tried out any of the hacks below, so I am not sure whether all of them work) :

  1. Have a migraine? Put your hands in ice water and flex them several times…Headache gone!
  2. Potatoes should be mashed using warm milk only. Cold milk will make your potatoes turn grey.
  3. Use a piece of tape to pick up the last line of dust that won’t go into the dustpan.
  4. Being surrounded by the colour yellow helps you focus. Yellow decreases the production of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy.
  5. Need some extra cash? On Rover.com you can sign up to be a dog sitter. Simply look after someones dog from your area and get paid for it!

10) Unclutterer

Your home and work space play a large role in your mental state. At least for me, if my desk is cluttered I cannot focus. And if my room is cluttered, I have real trouble sleeping. Unclutterer is an online blog that focuses on improving your home and office organization. On this website you will find hacks on staying organized, optimizing space, and keeping your home neat and tidy.

You can search through over 57 categories of life hacks. These include- closets, travel, college life, minimalism and more. Unclutterer also has a forum where users can post questions, or share their strategies and experiences. Unclutterer is specifically a website about clutter hacks, yet I’m sure will learn a few tips and tricks if you browse through it.

Some of their articles include:

  1. College Life: Making your dorm room livable
  2. Organizing cosmetics for college
  3. When was the last time you re-organized?
  4. Banish the Mess and Restore Order in Almost Every Room Right Now: An excerpt from NEVER TOO BUSY TO CURE CLUTTER
  5. Does this wardrobe suit me? Reviewing my closet

11) Lifehack 

I know this is an odd number of sites to mention but I completely forgot about it earlier and thought I should just mention it anyway. Lifehack is a really well designed site that gives you tips on a bunch of different stuff. They describe Lifehack as a,

… place where you can find answers to all the questions in your life. Answers that you can actually act on to make a change.


Some of their articles include:

  1. Do You Have a Fear of Disappointing Others? How to Conquer It for Good
  2. What’s the Best Nap Length for the Biggest Brain Benefit?
  3. 30 Self Care Habits for a Strong and Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
  4. How to Burn Calories Effectively (The Healthy Way)
  5. 7 Ways to Ensure Effective Communication at Work

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