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Online jobs can be a great way to earn some cushion money whilst getting an education. Naturally, as a student, you might not have enough time to take up a full-time, real-world job. One of the great things about the internet age is that you can now earn from almost anywhere in the world. All you need is a wi-fi connection.

Plus, online jobs usually don’t demand strict work hours, allowing you to choose your time of work as it suits you best. Another advantage of working online is the ability to take up multiple jobs at once.

You have the autonomy in deciding what you want to work on, how much you want to take on, and when you want to work. Since your work is not geographically bound, you could potentially earn in a different currency. For instance, a great source to get freelance online jobs (and also to post jobs if you’re an employer) is Upwork.

Upwork has a dense network of great opportunities to earn in a higher currency. Based on your profile, you may get hired for remote freelance work by someone based in Germany, for instance. Your pay depends on the exchange rate between Germany and India at the time, but you stand to earn more in Rupee

Upwork is reliable, I have tested it myself, and has a gamut of great freelance work options, especially for busy college students. In fact, if you’re in the Information Technology field, Upwork would be an excellent resource to earn some extra money.

Best Online Jobs For College Students, online jobs for college students 2019, online jobs for students to earn money, free online jobs for students without investment, online jobs for college students at home

Finally, there is no cost to commute, which means that you are saving and earning money simultaneously. Don’t feel disheartened if you find that some (or most) online jobs are boring. It’s the nature of the game. Not all jobs are interesting or stimulating but the ones that are, are out there.

Either way, if you need that extra money and a certain job fits the bill, I would say do it. It’s not a binding contract, neither is it a typical nine-hour day. You simply finish the task at hand, and you can move on to find something else.

So, why get an online job?Best Online Jobs For College Students, online jobs for college students 2019, online jobs for students to earn money, free online jobs for students without investment, online jobs for college students at home

  1. You can work remotely
  2. Flexible hours
  3. You can freelance (do multiple tasks at once to earn more)
  4. You can earn in a different currency
  5. Save on commute

At the very least, an online job might be a good learning experience that adds to your skill set and can go on your resume!

To help you out, below we have listed some great options to earn an extra buck online. They include actual jobs as well as resources to find online jobs. Let’s start with Upwork, I think it warrants more of an explanation.

Online Jobs


In essence, Upwork is a global freelancing platform, one of the largest out there. This cloud-based platform is designed to help employers from any industry find talented people with skills in fields like programming, designing, writing, customer support, and more.You create a profile with easy to follow steps, listing your top skills. Your profile is then visible to employers all around the world.

It’s great because you can share and receive files and feedback in real time. Plus, there’s an Upwork app, which is perfect if you don’t want to carry around your laptop or you don’t have easy access to a computer.


2. adpostjob4u:

This is another site specifically tailored to finding online jobs in India. Adpost has a ton of resources and actually isn’t limited to online jobs. If you wanted, you could also find part-time work here. Adpost has a large variety of freelance and full-time options as well. Freelance content writing, data entry, and much more.

3. Amazon Affiliate:

Also known as the Amazon Associates Program, is a great online job that pays rather well. Basically, all you are doing is remote advertising for Amazon products. So, you create an account. Easy steps. Then you choose from over a million products and then advertise them on your website. You will need a blog or website link first, but that’s not hard to do.

Whenever someone comes to your page and clicks on the affiliate link (the product you advertised), and proceeds to buy said product from the Amazon website, you get a commission, up to 12%! Plus, Amazon has great competitive conversion rates and you earn from any Qualifying Purchase, not just products you advertised.

For more information on the Amazon affiliate program, follow this link. Also, check out the official website.

4. IRCTIC E-Ticketing:

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers individuals the opportunity to work from home as ticketing agents.It is very easy to get started. You first fill out a form providing all relevant information and Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. Essentially, you are starting your own business.

While IRCTIC does charge a fee of Rs.10,000, you are reimbursed Rs.5,000 if you chose to leave. As a registered e-ticketing agent, you receive a commission depending on the nature of your sell. This ranges anywhere between 0.3-15%! You can do this all year round and there is no limit on the number of tickets. The internet and a printer are all you need. One fast and easy way to do this is through Payword, check it out.

5. Fiverr:

Another way to make money through freelance work, Fiverr is a global online market space that offers tasks (and services).The point is that you, as a freelancer, can offer your services, like graphics and design, digital marketing, animation, music and audio, programming, or any other skill set you possess. You would join as a seller and start offering your services.

As a global platform, Fiverr can help you earn up to $10,000, that is, at this time, approximately Rs.69,000. Fiverr has gigs, as they call it, that can be completed in no more than two hours. So, this makes it very easy for some with not much time to earn money in almost no time. Plus, you could take up more than one gig a day, and as you get a hang of it, take on projects that you earn thousands of dollars. The coolest part, you don’t pay anything.

6. Freelancer:

This is exactly what the title indicates, an online job marketplace offering just about any job you could imagine.This site is especially great because, for some of the jobs listed, you don’t need a typical hard skill. For instance, you could get a delivery job and get paid just for that day.The site is so easy to use and you can definitely find a job that suits you best.

To start, you first create a profile that includes listing your skill set, and then freelancer matches you with the right job. There are a ton of same-day projects, as well as longer ones. Freelancer works fast, so you know you can always find something on here.

7. Guru:

Another awesome creative online marketspace with over three million services, broken down by category, so that you can find your freelancing Guru. Signing up is pretty similar to other freelance sites, just make sure to list your skills and update them as you go.With so many options, you’re assured to find at least one Guru that best fits what you are looking for.

Once you have been matched, you can collaborate and communicate with your team through Guru’s Work Room feature. This allows you to set milestones, delegate tasks, and share documents too!

8. Microworkers:

Microworkers is smaller than the platforms listed above, and it works slightly differently as well. It is helpful to know what Microwork is. Microwork is just a bunch of little tasks put together to make a unified project, and these tasks are done by freelancer online.

Employers use it to create professional campaign templates with the requirements for their projects. The templates are the customizable and good way to crowdsource. Freelancers who get hired can do multiple tasks at once. Micro worker’s DoTask Again feature allows employers to assign one freelance multiple tasks.

As a freelancer, you can view your task report online or download it as a spreadsheet file. There are a ton of IT jobs listed on this site if you’re interested.Because there is the fewer user on Microworkers, you might find a little easier to search for an online job that you want.

9. Gigbucks:

This is one is tailored to those expert digital marketers and creatives. This serves as a good alternative to Fiverr, focusing on creative gigs. Gigbucks is totally free. It’s basically a platform for creative people to sell “gigs.” So, if you’re a programmer, singer, video artist, or even a translator, so long as people want to pay money for it, you can sell it on Gigbucks. You can post as many gigs as you want to. All you have to do is take some time to think about what you’re good at and come up with a few gigs to post.

For instance, someone posted this gig “I will write research papers free of plagiarism” for $5, that’s Rs.344.The idea is to post gigs that are of high quality and set reasonable prices. It is totally safe and guaranteed payment, or you could accumulate a Gigbucks balance.

Try to post as many unique gigs as possible to increase your chances of getting more sales. If you seem to be copying gigs, it will be taken off the site.

Gigbucks sounds like an awesome non-traditional, creative, and fun way to make an extra buck!

10. WorkMarket:

This is definitely a good resource. It was designed to help employers, companies, and entrepreneurs manage and organize the freelance workforce. Their platform is very professional and unique. It provides an intuitive dashboard with a ton of cool tools to create and manage your work.

It also generates reports to help track your progress! Employers are able to organize freelancers into simple groups called, Labour Clouds. This makes it easier for them to track you down based on your skillset and what you’re offering.

WorkMarket is highly advanced, conducting its own background checks whenever a freelancer signs up. It also applies a Leverage and Compliance Engine, a leading protocol to mitigate any risk factors. The pay is very flexible, which is a much-needed advantage. You can get paid by the hour, by milestones, and more!

Plus, WorkMarket has an app, which is definitely a plus if you’re a college student.


11. CloudPeeps:

CloudPeeps has over 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. You could find your perfect match for ongoing work and one-time projects.

CloudPeeps also gives you the options to Work on-demand with local or remote professionals. It has a great network of community managers, web developers, and SEO professionals. This is definitely a cool marketplace with a moto to empower freelancers and businesses. CloudPeeps is definitely in touch with changing times and could be a useful resource to you.

We hope the list above helps you find an online job if you’re looking for one! As mentioned earlier, getting an online job could not only help you financially but could also help you gain valuable experience. We live in a time where we can take advantage of the internet and use it wisely to our benefit. Definitely, take advantage of the platforms where you can earn in a higher currency.

To aid you a little further, we have put together a few rudimentary online job options for you below. Check them out if none of the above have helped you so far.

  1. Online Survey Jobs
  2. Data Entry
  3. Paid to Click
  4. Buy Sell Domain Names
  5. Part Time Blogging
  6. Part Time Content Writing
  7. Virtual Tutoring- com is a pretty good site for online tutoring.
  8. Website Maintenance

Best of luck!

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