7 Reasons Why You Should Join a Startup Instead of an MNC

The choice – startup vs MNC – comes knocking on your door as soon as you graduate. While one is a hard-to-deny and more-money-in-the-pocket offer, the other one gives you something equally enticing like helping build a company from scratch! If you’re on the fence and urgently require career guidance, this article is the place to look. 

Here are some reasons that tilt the scale in a startup’s favor!

  1. The Opportunity of Innovation

MNCs are already established and efficiently functioning companies, which usually means they are set in their ways. Startups, on the other hand, are fresh and creative entrepreneurial ventures that aim to fill a hole in the market. The offer a chance to advance your career while gaining several useful skills. The opportunity to construct a company from the ground up is both exciting and beneficial in terms of experience and knowledge gained. It helps you creatively express yourself while acquiring work experience.

2. Recognition

This comes in two forms working for a startup. Internally, while working through the early stages, these companies have smaller teams helping you receive credit where it’s due. Externally, wearing multiple hats allows you to learn on the job and add to your resume in the form of communication, negotiation and planning skills.

3. Self-motivated Work Culture

Startups, rather than pushing employees to meet their high demands, focus on cultivating a culture of self-starting employees. They aim to promote driven and goal-oriented employees. Accordingly, you must take the necessary initiative. This ultimately helps you develop job-related skills and maximize productivity.

4. Flexible Work Schedule

For a lot of young employees, a rigid and rigorous work schedule is unappealing. Thus the laid-back, relaxed and task-based environment provided by startups allow you to create your own flexible work schedule. Your needs and the needs of the growing company can go hand in hand. This maintains a healthy work-life therefore curtailing stress and satisfying employees. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Join a Startup Instead of an MNC

5. Personal Growth

Working at a startup is a unique experience. Aside from developing your skills in that field, you learn several soft skills bound to be useful over the course of your career. You also learn valuable lessons on how to make the most use of given resources and prioritising tasks. All of these skills aid in personal growth and development. 

6. Transparency

In a startup, employees fully understand the risks before becoming involved. This helps in building trust and mutual understanding while keeping the environment transparent and open. By making sure all necessary information is available to the right parties, startups encourage smart decision-making. 

7. Enhanced Responsibility

Every member that is part of a startup is equally responsible for its success and failures irrespective of how small or large their role is. This promotes strategic decision-making by the employees. Thus each employee is able to fully take responsibility for their actions, without feeling victimized. It allows every employee’s idea to be voiced on an equal platform. 

What are you waiting for? Find some innovative startup that could change the world and get yourself a job.

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