Event Ideas for College Students

Amidst those boring lectures and long semesters, students truly deserve a break. College events are the ones which bring in enthusiasm among the students. Here are some cool event ideas for college students. They usually long for their college fest to happen. It brings them a lot of happiness and joy. It’s when students of one department get to know the ones from the other. These events play a very important role in a student’s social life.

College events, be it cultural or non-cultural, they bring out most of the hidden talents. Organizing an event is the best way to showcase your leadership and managerial skills at a very young age.

Organizing a huge event may look fun and easy from the outside, but believe me, it’s not a cakewalk. It has its own hardships. The organizers struggle a lot to give the best output on the big day. One should think out of the box and come up with more non-traditional event ideas to attract the Gen Z.

Here are some cool event ideas for college students, to make you stand out from the crowd,

Movie Marathon

Everybody loves movies, which is even more fun when watched in groups. You could do this for a day in your college fest. This will be a treat for movie lovers. To give it a personal touch you could play short films made by other students. Grabbing some popcorn and enjoying movies with friends in the college fest will always be a memory for life!

Social Responsibility

Doing something for our society is not just limited to adults and corporates. We always talk about a greener environment, reducing plastic usage etc, but we don’t contribute anything to society. Students should also start contributing to our society. They can just do a beach clean up to spread awareness. Developing this quality at a very young age will make you not just a better citizen but a better human being too.

The event organizer can get some volunteers to do work for the community. Being a student even if you couldn’t do much monetary help, you could always help in some other way.

There are a lot of volunteering activities that students would enjoy doing and perfectly fit them.  There are a lot of NGOs in the country. You could check out some of their websites like Volunteering India, Bhumi, etc and contact them to work with you.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation camps are another way to show your social responsibility. These camps can be conducted during college events, which will encourage many new donors.

Conduct a Short Film/Photography Contest

Most of the youth are tech-savvy,  they are fond of all those fancy gadgets. It would be great if you could use those cameras and mobile phones to bring out the creativity in them. A short film or photography contest for students in a college event would be an ideal choice.

You could always stream them later, for the audience at the movie night

Conduct Creative Contests for Students

There are a lot of things in which students excel, to find out the talents in them you can conduct many creative contests for them during the college fest.

Drawing, making handicrafts, cooking, dancing and singing are the places where many students may excel. It would be nice to find them and give them some appreciation. Some even more creative contests can be like conducting an app making contest. Even a meme creation contest which will bring out their creativity and humour sense.

Innovation & Discovery

Many young minds who are into technology and innovation will find this interesting. This will help them showcase their innovation and knowledge to others in the exhibition. These exhibits and ideas can inspire others too.

Organize Tedx Talks in College Events

It’s always nice to get some motivation. Conducting Tedx talks is another interesting event idea for college students. There is always some audience for it. The speakers will also be willing to conduct events in universities. Or you could always ask some senior students to make some talks about their experiences as a student for the freshers.

Music & Dance Competitions

Music and dance competitions are the ones which are not only enjoyed by the participants but also make the audience tap their feet. You can conduct competitions between two or more bands on the stage. I promise you this will be the most exciting experience of the whole fest. To spice things up you can also invite celebrities to perform or judge the performances. This will make a great event.

Conduct Marketing Campaigns

Today’s students are the future business magnates. Conducting business-oriented events will be much useful for the students to explore themselves. The participants should work as individuals or as teams to sell a certain product, by convincing the guests. The team which has done the most sales will be announced as the winner.

Food Fest

College cultural competitions and events are the times when a lot of people visit the campus. To make the most out of it, the organizers could conduct a food fest instead of allowing any outside vendors. The participating teams should sell their food items on campus during the whole college fest. And the team which has made the highest profit can be announced as the winner. Also, they could donate the profit alone to charity.

Comic-con Conventions

Organizing a Comic-con convention in your college campus will be a treat for all those comic fans out there. Students who love comic books and comic book culture can gather and meet each other at the conventions. You could also use the opportunity to sell some comic books at the convention. This will bring in immense attention and following for your college event.

These are some of the cool event ideas for college students. Should you have any more cool ideas feel free to try it out and make your college event a great success.  Also, share your suggestions with us in the comments

We the StuCred hope you found these ideas useful and will try some of these in your college event!

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