Facts about Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, amazing facts about Karunya institute of technology and sciences

In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about KITS that you might not know until now.

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences was founded with the noble vision to raise professionals and leaders in the high academic calibre and unblemished character, commitment to serve humanity and nurtured with a strong motivation.

The institution is the fulfilment of the vision of its founders Late Dr D GS Dhinakaran and the present Chancellor Dr Paul Dhinakaran. It was established in the year 1986 as an Engineering College, it was granted autonomous status in 2000 and declared Deemed to be University by the University Grants Commission in recognition of its academic excellence by the Ministry of Human Resources Development under the Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 vide notification.

The university is accredited by the NAAC; the institution offers a wide range of bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree programs in various branches of Biotechnology, Engineering, Agricultural and food processing. From a humbling beginning of 180 students, the institution has rapidly grown to 8491 students and 452 faculty representing 18 academic departments.

In the last three decades, of services to higher education, Karunya Institute of Technology and Science has made some of the significant progress in research, consultancy, innovation, transfer of technology, value education, community service, and teaching-learning. Translating the vision of the founders into the action, the institution is currently engaged in finding solutions to human problems in four major areas such as the energy, healthcare, water and food with the technological and scientific interventions.

11 Interesting Facts about Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS)

1. Computer Centre

The University Computer Technology Center offers a world-class computing facility to the arunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. The computing resources include powerful workstations and advanced servers.

A state-of-the-art campus network with the fibre optic backbone and a 32MBPS leased line internet connection provides with the unlimited access of the internet for the students and staff round the clock, for their research and educational needs.

The servers include the IBM Blade Server, IBM Server X, IBM X-365, IBM Server X-235, IBM Netfinity 3500, Sun Ultra Sparc Server for the Shell programming and Hewlett Packard Store CD-ROM server. The computer technology centre provides email services to the entire community of Karunya college.

The college network is secured with a watch guard X-500 series firewall. The computer technology centre with the total floor area of 3000 sq.m houses 20o computer laboratories with adequate uninterruptable power supply and Air Conditioned.

The campus LAN interconnecting about 1500 computer serves the desktop needs of the faculty, students and the administrative staff of the university. Desktops in the campus include the Silicon Graphics, Sun Polaris, Pentium IV, iMac.

Apart from that, to the above computing facility at the educational campus, around 200 computer caters to the needs of the students at the hostels, which facilitates them to work on the computers late into the night. The Computer Technology centre has a stock of latest software such as the Oracle 10G, SQL server, AutoCAD 2008, Virtual Reality software, .Net, Novell Open Enterprise Server, ProE, Ansys, Autodesk packages, Mentor Graphics, Rational Suite Enterprises, etc.

2. Library

The Central Library is well equipped with all the modern resources and facilities in the form of CD-ROM, e-journals, e-books, online databases, books, journals, project reports, audio-video cassettes, etc Links from the home page will even direct you to information on library policies, hours, services and collections.

The mission of the Central Library is to offer information services and access to the full-text digital and printed resources to support the scholarly and informational needs of the institute user community.

3. Hostels

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences aims at training professionals of the high standards with moral calibre. The rules and regulations are even framed so as to train them for reaching the goals for which the institutions were started. The hostels should even serve as a training ground for a successful, responsible, and useful life through the development of the mind, soul, and body. 

The twelve hostels of Karunya University are under the overall administrative control of the Director, who is a professor of this university. He is assisted by a Chief Wardens in his administrative responsibilities. The Finance Officer of the university looks after financial responsibilities.

4. Bank

A Full-fledged Syndicate Bank is available on the campus. Various students have an account in this bank to perform their monetary transactions. The Bank even offers the two ATM facilities for the 24 hrs.availability.

5. Post Office:

A Separate Government Post offices function on campus that offers the latest Postal Service such as the Speed Post Service and EMS.

6. Hospitals

Karunya Rural Community Hospital was started in the year 1989 with a mission to offer quality healthcare to all the residents in an and around the Karunya campus. Not only does it offer the medical needs of 4200 students, 300 families and staff on the Karunya Deemed University campus, but it also strives with a noble vision to reach the backward rural communities who are in desperate need of the medical help at a very minimum cost.

The Hospital is also well equipped with the modern facilities which include an operation theatre, which has also been approved by the State Family Welfare Unity to perform family planning surgeries for the rural poor, who are even scattered in as many as 51 villages surroundings the University.

Adequate inpatient facilities and a 24-hour ambulance to carry the patients to Coimbatore for the tertiary and secondary care are also available. Some of the special facilities in the hospital include Pulse Oximeter, Machine Foetal Doppler, Cardiac Monitor, Baby Warmer Portable Ultrasound Scanning.

7. DPD

Department of the Personality Development offers student sufficient opportunities and impetuous to develop into the dynamic personalities with a holistic character formation. Inculcation of values even results in social transformation.

The students are given the sufficient exposure to the realities of life, to understand and even empathize with the poor and needy so that they would develop progressive proclivity to reach out to fellow humans with a tender heart and a helping hand.

8. Sports

The Karunya Sports Complex is well known for its best facilitates grounds for the wide range of sports activities. The University has attained quite a reputation in sports activities, especially among the professional institutions by winning various tournaments conducted on various levels. The competitive spirit is encouraged as the university organizes a wide range of tournaments of repute, establishment of sporting clubs and coaching camps.


Karunya Centre for Rural Development is one of the visions of Karunya University. It is formed to serve the less privileged in the rural communities surrounding it by equipping them with the familiarity and knowledge with the modern techniques in the relevant fields so as to enable them to earn a living to raise their standards of living.

Karunya strives to improve the quality of life of neighbouring rural communities through education & training direct employment, medical help as well as the environmental-related activities.

10. CIC

Centre for Industrial Collaboration was established in the year 2001. The Centre effectively interacts with the industries with various innovative and unique programs to impart the Application Knowledge to the faculty and students.

11. Scholarships

The college has built up a total amount of INR 10 lacs to be offered as scholarships, every year apart from the endowments instituted by the individuals in the memory of their relatives and in addition to an amount of INR 50000 contributed by the alumni association to support the scholarships scheme. The college scholarship is under two categories – Karunya Scholarship and Jesus Calls Scholarship.


We have mentioned 11 interesting facts about KITS. Comment on this post if you know any other interesting facts about KITS, we would love to hear from you.

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