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In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about NIT Warangal that you might not know until now.

The National Institute of Technology, Warangal – NIT Warangal which is formerly known by the name as Regional Engineering College is a premier engineering and research institution situated in the Warangal, India. It is even recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the India Government. 

Foundation stone for this institute was laid by then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru on the 10th of October 1959. The institute was renamed as the National Institute of Technology, Warangal on the 10th of September 2002.

The Regional Engineering College, Warangal was the first tobe established in the year 11959 among the chain of 15 regional engineeringcolleges in the entire country.

The classes for their first batch of theelectrical, civil and mechanical engineering branches commenced on the 12th ofSeptember 1959. The Bachelor program in the chemical engineering was initiatedin the year 1964. The following program in the communication and electronicsprogram.

In the year 1971, the college started the UG program in communicationand electronics. B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering was started inthe year 1983, and M. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering in the year1987. In the year 2006, the institute started a Bachelor Program inBiotechnology.

In the year 1994, the institute was selected by the Overseas Development Administration of the UK for the exchange programs between India and UK in the field of IT. This program ran till 1999. In 2000, the institute started with its MBA program.

The mission of the NIT Warangal is to impart the total quality education to develop innovative, ethical, and entrepreneurial future professionals who are fit for the globally competitive environment. The institute has a vision towards a Global Knowledge Hub, which strives continuously in pursuit of excellence in research, education, entrepreneurship, and technological services to the society.

In September 2002, the college was renamed as the National Institute of Technology and was given as a status for the Deemed University. NIT-W was given the status of Institute of National Importance on the 15th of August 2007.

The World Bank Assistance under the TEQIP has been timely help in the overall development of the institute. In the year 2012, NIT-W entered the MOU’s with the 15 European Higher Education Institutes.

The infrastructure of the NIT-Warangal

The 300 acres of land which is divided by the NH-202 highway into the staff quarters, main campus and CCE. The main entrance of the campus depicts the traditional elegance of the Kakatiya Thornham. The main entrance gate of the campus is even inscribed with the words of Sanskrit/Telugu, कर्मदैव हि संसिद्धि”, which means that the one who works shall succeed for sure.

NIT Warangal is a self-contained residential campus which is situated in the beautiful wooded land. The institute is popularly well known for its dedicated, staff, faculty and the state-of-the-art infrastructure conducive to a healthy academic environment. The institute is constantly striving to achieve a higher level off technical excellence. The college is especially known for its hi-technology infrastructure.

The institute has a State Bank of Hyderabad situated just behind the main campus gate. The bank has two ATM’s, one located in the bank premises and other near the Sports Stadium. Institute has one shopping centre which caters to the needs of the residents and students. The campus has a post office situated near the Biswesvraya Hall. The NIT-Warangal campus comes under a separate postal zone, and it is a postal delivery office. The dispensary has an ECG machine, X-Ray Machine, and a Pathology laboratory.

Interesting Facts about NIT Warangal

NIT Warangal holds some of the cultural and technical events annually. Following are the major annual events that held:

1. Technozion:

Technozion is a three-day annual technical festival organized, which aims to offer a platform the students across the globe to interact, assemble, share, and gain knowledge in various field of technology and science.

With this Symposium, the college seeks to offer a platform for building engineers and scientist from all across the globe to display their skills in a plethora of events designed to exercise their minds and to further a spirit of technology.

From its inception in the year 2006, Technozion has even grown in strength and in numbers and is now even considered to be amongst the second biggest technical festivals in India.

One of the better hallmarks of the Technozion has always been the presence of notable luminaries gracing the institute portals, delivering the inspires lectures, videos conferencing and conducting the interactive workshops for the benefit of the student community.

2. SpringSpree

SpringSpree was started in the year 1978 by the students of the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. It was annual intercollegiate sports and cultural events held between the month of January and March every year. Some of the students came up with the idea of holding a small festival, which would lay down a platform for the students to showcase their skills in the areas of athletics, sports, and cultural activities.

Apart from that, the festival was to unify a diverse student body by celebrating the culture of regions to which they even belonged along with the culture of India as a whole. It was the first college festival in Southern India and as conducted every year until the end of the 90s.

SpringSpree was not conducted for a few years in the year 2000s. Its revival was gradual and small fests from clubs which finally gives rise to a mini cultural festival called Elysium in the year 2006. In the year 2007, SpringSpree was brought back and has since been an annual event. SpringSpree, which is a three-day annual cultural festival, showcases 60+ events in the fields of art, drama, literature, music, quizzing, dance, and painting, it even includes the spotlight events like the Rock Music Competition, Fashion Show, Boying competition, Minute made and Model United Nations.  

A large number of skill and arts-oriented workshops are also held to give a jump start to the enthusiastic participants. Apart from these, SpringSpree holds various attractions like the Lounge, Amazing race, The One, The Haunted House, and many others.

To cater to young entrepreneurs, there are events which involve stock marketing and business planning. SpringSpree also conducts concerts at the time of the three days of Spree, which is known as Pronites.

Famous kinds of music are invited to close each day of the fest with a bang. In recent years, National Institute of Technology, Warangal has seen the likes of the Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Naresh Iyer, Pt. Jasraj and Stephen Devassy to name a few Indian rock bands like the Quarter, Parikrama Thermal, Drum Cafe, and ThemClones and others have also performed previously.

3. Cura

Cura is a prestigious National level Management fest conducted by the School of Management NIT Warangal. It offers a brilliant platform for the building managers to amplify and display their phenomenon skills of management science.

With efficient dimensions of several events spread across the time of 2 days of Cura, participants get to explore their own stand witnessing & interacting the Sudoku directly from industry. It is a Latin word signifying thoughtfulness; it even aims at fostering creativity & innovativeness.

4. The Admission process of the NIT-Warangal

In order to get admission into the NIT, one must need to take the JEE(MAIN) exam and need to secure at least 75% marks (65% for the SC/ST) in class 12th exam or be into the 20 percentiles in the Class 12th exam conducted by the respective board. Admissions are on the basis of the rank secured in the JEE(MAIN).

The Bachelor of Technology admissions for the Indian students was based on the JJ-MAIN (Joint Entrance Examination). The exam even consists of three sections Physics, mathematics, and Chemistry.

Moreover, since the year 2013, admissions are doing with the JEE MAINS, and ranks are given after considering 60% of the marks scored in the test, and 40% in class 12thBoard examination. The B. Tech admissions for the foreign students are made with the direct admission of students abroad and ICCR schemes.

M. Tech students are admitted to the program with the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science.

MCA students are admitted with the NIMCET. The admissions to the MBA program in the institute are based on the result of the CAT/MAT. The shortlisted candidates will have to undergo GroupDiscussions/Personal Interview for the final selection. For the MSc, the students are admitted on the basis of NITWIT.

NIT-Warangal invites applications for the PhD degree admission in almost all departments, twice every academic year in the month of June and December.

5. Scholarships provided to the students of NIT-Warangal

NIT-Warangal offers a scholarship to meritorious students who perform well in their academic sessions. Lakshya is a scholarship offered by the alumni of NIT Warangal to those who are economically weak and cannot afford their own education cost.

6. Placements at NIT-Warangal

The placement service at the institute is one of the best of its kind in the entire country. The alumni of the institute hold responsible and enviable positions all across the globe and are in constant touch with the institute. The placement and training section offers a launch-pad for the students to make it to the best organizations in the field of core industries, software, management, etc.

7. Extra-curricular at NIT-Warangal

NIT Warangal has several clubs and committees which helps in overall personality development of the students. There is also a student council headed by the chosen student itself, which make sure that there are apt participation and involvement of the students in these committees and clubs.

  • Dance and Dramatic Club
  • Music Club
  • Literary and Debating Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Science and Hobbies Club
  • Electronic Amateurs and HAM Club
  • Film Committee
  • ISTE Students Chapter
  • Youth Red Cross
  • Magazine Committee
  • Honey Bee NITW Student Chapter
  • LAN radio Club
  • National Cadet Corps(NCC)
  • National Social Service(NSS)


We have mentioned 7 interesting facts about NIT Warangal. Comment on this post if you know any other interesting facts about NIT Warangal, we would love to hear from you.

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