StuCred's Refer and Earnrks

StuCred’s refer and earn, it answers every student’s concern

Referring and earning is not a new concept. You all might e aware of how a referral scheme works. Many companies have adopted it as a means of advertisement. Using your unique referral code you can

What is StuCred’s Refer and Earn Programme?

Stucred’s refer and earn programme is beneficial for the person who refers and the person who is referred. The company gets its promotion, the person who refers gets the reward and the person who is referred is able to solve his financial problem regarding his education and when satisfied is able to refer further.

So, a mutually beneficial chain reaction takes place.

Why should you refer your friend to use StuCred?

StuCred must be referred to as being a well-wisher to our friends and acquaintances keeping in mind that they might be having many difficulties in their pursuit of higher studies. StuCred will act as a friend, philosopher and guide to them.

By referring to such a beneficial app, we will feel happy and, in this process, get rewarded as well.

Where can you find the refer & earn option in the StuCred app?

More the merrier! StuCred’s refer and earn is a simple 5 step process:

1.      Login into the Stucred application with a valid phone number and email address.

2.      Maintain a healthy loan profile after which you get a golden chance to refer to your friends.

3.      Friends sign up using that referral code.

4.      Friend made his first interest free loan from Stucred.

5.      And boom! You earn exciting cash rewards.

How does StuCred refer & earn work?

When we refer someone we are procuring a prospective customer who in turn might make the change further. So the company gives incentives to the referrer. In this way it’s a symbiotic relationship.

When the person who is referred responds positively and takes a loan then the referrer gets a scratch card with exciting cash rewards. The person who takes the loan now also gets a scratch card at the time of availing a loan, repaying the loan on time & also on the extension of the loan. They also get the chance to refer further and thus the chain continues.

Refer and earn and let everyone win!!