How to Celebrate Friendship Day at College, creative ideas for friendship day, friendship day chart, happy friendship day paragraph

Usually celebrated on the first Sunday in August, Friendship day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the role of friends in one’s life. I remember celebrating friendship day by making friendship bands well in advance and hoping to receive an abundance of the same. The gesture behind friendship day is what mattered, not how pretty or cool the bands were. Of course, it helped if the friendship bands were awesome.

Friendship is now an international phenomenon, celebrated mainly in South Asian countries and some of South America as well. It is difficult to find accurate information on how friendships day came about. There are two primary accounts on the history of friendship day, both very different from each other. First, that friendship day was started by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1930. And second, that friendship day began in 1935 when the US Congress decided to dedicate a day in honour of friends.

I think the former is probably more likely as I cannot see the US Congress making a decision about what day should be designated to celebrate friends — I would imagine that they have more pressing things to worry about. Although, on one account, someone made the case that the Congress followed up on Joyce’s suggestion due to the aftermath of the first World War. In any case, I cannot be sure how friendships day started. I don’t know if the history of the day matters anyway.

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

I think that a genuine friendship is one of the most important things in life and I can say that with full confidence. Human connection is essential, it gives one’s life a certain kind of comfort that cannot be replicated. Loyalty, reliability, trust…these are all normative concepts — that is, they cannot be pointed at like things but can only be described. And to have a friend that is loyal, reliable and trustworthy, I believe, gives those words as much meaning as it does our lives. Naturally, I therefore see why one would celebrate friendship day. Although I don’t think friendship ought to solely be celebrated on one particular day — friends deserve appreciation more often. Anyway, here are some ideas on how you can celebrate friendship day in your college and otherwise.

Friendship Day in College

1) Organize a Friendship Day Party

Oh what fun! You can celebrate friendship day in college by hosting a friendship themed party and invite all your friends. This is also a good chance to rekindle old friendships, if you wish to do so. You could get together with another friend to plan the party — the logistics, menu, music, guest list and all that fun stuff. Maybe make some posters and pass them around your college, stick them up every where and also advertise on social media. Here are a few tips on the planning stage:

How to Celebrate Friendship Day at College, creative ideas for friendship day, friendship day chart, happy friendship day paragraph
  1. When you design you invite, include things like animations, jokes, quotes (if you’re into that kinda thing). Anything that will lure your friends over.
  2. Of course, tell your friends about what kind of party it will be. A sundowner party perhaps or an all-night type of thing. Or you could have a board game party!
  3. You must now come up with a menu, the most fun part of party planning. Barbecuing is one awesome way to go, with a potluck as well. So everyone brings stuff and you barbecue. Oh wow, I’m tempting myself to throw a party.
  4. For music, you can include in the E-vite the option to add songs that your friends would like to have played while they are at the party.
  5. Take photos, it’s worth it to make memories.
  6. And of course, you can have a bowl of friendship bands to go around so everyone leaves with multiple souvenirs.

Here are few party planning websites to help you out:

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How to Celebrate Friendship Day at College, creative ideas for friendship day, friendship day chart, happy friendship day paragraph

2) Plan a Trip

Going on a trip with your college friends is a really great way to spend friendship day. Of course, this one cannot be surprised so you’d best involve your friends and give them plenty of time to prepare. Make the most of your day. If you guys are adventurous, you can go trekking or do some other adventure sport related thing — bungee jumping, parasailing, rapid rafting, kayaking. You can also plan a trip to a theme park, which is always a lot of fun. Here are some websites you can use for tips on how to plan a trip with your friends:

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Friendship Day in General

1) Card

Cards are always a nice gesture and they can be personalised. I usually prefer making my own card but buying one is also meaningful. Here is a do-it-yourself video on how to make a friendship day card. You can also check out Etsy’s friendship day gifts and ideas. There are also tons of other videos and websites you can use for tips and ideas. Here are a few:

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2) Flowers

Never underestimate flowers, they make for nice gestures. I would couple the flowers with the card and make it a nice package. Of course, pick the flowers that your friend likes best. I know I would always be happy to get flowers from anyone. It shows that someone is thinking about you. And they would go through the effort to get you something because they thought about you — simple yet sweet. Here are few websites you can use to pick and send flowers to your best friend:

  1. Fernsnpetals
  2. Floweraura
  3. Winni (Celebrate Relations)
  4. The Flower Expert
  5. Friendship Day

3) Small Gift

Giving your friend a small gift but thoughtful that reflects your appreciation. I think thoughtful gifts are really great. You can check out Etsy again for this. Here are a few tips on small gifts you can give:

  1. If you’re friend loves baked food, you could make them their favourite baked treat. Personally, I want my best friend to make me her orange cake, which is truly sublime. Maybe she’ll read this and make it for me this friendships day, or I’ll just ask her to. But I wouldn’t mind a surprise.
  2. A gift box with tons of stuff in it. Doesn’t have to be expensive stuff, just aim for fun and thoughtful.
  3. Chocolate Hampers.
  4. Literary piece or book — depends on your friend.
  5. An old photo in a frame.
  6. A picnic could count as a nice little present and it would be super fun too. Or myabe camping out! You could organise outdoor sports that your friend(s) enjoy— trekking, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, rugby, swimming, surfing…
  7. Planning sleepover party is a great idea. You can watch movies and eat good food, and get drunk… Make sure that you have a large stock of junk food like chips, wafers, popcorn and soft drinks. You can have a noisy overnight party with lots of mad music and crazy dance sessions.
  8. Literally anything you think is meaningful, funny and/or thoughtful

Here are few sites you can use for tips on gifts and where to find them:

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4) Friendship Bracelets

I had to mention friendship bracelets. You can make your own with different colours and styles, it’s actually really fun. Like I said, I used to make mine with wool and it was a really great way to pass time. Here are a few websites that teach you how to make your own friendship bracelets:

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5) Friendship Day All Year Long

Love your friend(s) all year round. I already said that I think good friends ought to be appreciated all the time. So, if you’re not in the same place, stay in touch. Maybe send each other care packages. Make time for your friends, resolve any conflicts that might be looming on your relationship. Remind yourself and your friends that friendship is important and healthy. No matter how busy we are, I’m we can all find five or ten minutes for our closest friends. Call up all those friends with whom you haven’t talked for ages. Give them a pleasant surprise and let them know that they are cherished and felt for. Also, if you’re not in the same place, visiting your friend and vice versa makes for a great getaway!

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