Long distance relationships are often difficult to maintain, and there is generally a larger chance of misunderstandings between the couple. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy relationship while you’re away from your significant other.

1. Accept them for Who They Are

In a relationship, it is vital for each person to accept the other the way they are. Expecting a significant change in their behaviour is bound to lead to conflict. If there is any additional strain or expectations you might have due to the distance (which is unavoidable) make sure you have a healthy adult conversation about it. Don’t resort to petty actions or repress any irritation or anger as it will lead to resentment.

2. Maintain Trust & Respect

Distance is hard, definitely. However, the foundation to a healthy relationship is mutual trust and respect. If you trust your partner 100% and respect their ability to make the right choices, that takes most of the strain out of a long distance relationship. Relationships with a firm and solid base are the ones that last the longest.

3. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key to a long distance relationship. In fact, it is the one thing that will keep you going through your bad days. As long you and your partner are able to maintain a steady stream of communication and both have a mutually agreed time for face timing/calling/skyping/texting etc., there is nothing stopping your relationship from working. Keeping your S.O updated on your life will make them feel included and loved.

4. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Often you or your partner may undergo periods of stress and difficulty which is bound to put a strain on the relationship. However, as mentioned before communicating effectively can be used to break these barriers. Try to be as empathetic and understanding as possible to their struggles whatever it may be. Listen and discuss rather than jumping to your own conclusions.

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5. Preserve Spontaneity

Surprise your partner whenever you can. Be it a visit or a call, it is bound to make their day better. Even if all you can manage to do is send them a small gift or some flowers it is sure to strengthen the bond and show them you love and care for them.

6. Make Time to Meet

This is a rather obvious one. Whenever your schedule allows it, make sure you meet your significant other. Usually meeting in person is ideal to resolve any misunderstandings and keep the relationship happy and healthy.

7. Dealing with Disagreements

Dealing with fights at a distance is extremely difficult. There is no cut and dry method to solve disagreements but it is always a good idea to call rather than text. Texting is a more impersonal method of communication and while it is effective throughout the day, it may not be the best way to explain your point of view during an argument. You shouldn’t leave anything unresolved overnight. It will create resentment and bitterness and possibly worsen the situation.

8. Respect Boundaries

Respecting your significant other’s boundaries is vital even in a relationship that isn’t long distance. Being long-distance, however, often complicates the situation. You may want to text your partner 24×7, especially in the beginning stages when the situation is especially difficult and you haven’t found your groove yet. It is necessary to respect the fact that your partner is busy and has a life outside of their relationship with you. They might have work, classes, and friendships to maintain and while you’re important to them you have to keep this in mind.

9. Lend Moral Support

Tough times are when you’re most needed. Provide as much moral support to your significant other as possible. Make extra time to spend with them whether it is in person or over a call. Make sure they feel totally comfortable talking to you about any issues they might have and most importantly, learn to be a good listener.

10. Keep a Fixed Schedule

Make sure your partner knows your schedule as well as the times you’re busy and free. Keep an assigned time every day/every week (differs from couple to couple), to spend with your partner. Skype or FaceTime during these periods as seeing/hearing your partner can strengthen your relationship and make you happier.

11. Sustain the Chemistry

Friendly and flirtatious banter is vital to keeping the relationship alive. Making jokes and having fun together is possible even when you’re unable to meet in person. Keeping conversations light and enjoyable ensure both partners are happy and satisfied.

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