Hi Students! A college student means having the opportunity to meet people from various walks of life from all around the world. So it’s never a bad idea to attempt making new pals. Here are some strategies for making new friends during your freshman year of college. You’ve got it!

Take a walk around your floor and get to know the folks who work there.

The dorms are packed with students who are both excited and scared to be back on campus. If you have roommates, seek their help in knocking on your neighbors’ doors to get to know them. Bring over with food or candies to hand out to get the party started. Don’t forget to attend events hosted by your seniors as well. They’re designed to bring your floor’s residents together in a casual setting to foster new relationships.

Be genuine and true to yourself.

Your college years are a watershed period in your life. As a result, you should spend time with people who value your unique talents, as they are the people who will help you develop long-lasting friendships

Where Can I Make Friends at College?

Where should I go to meet potential friends all have battled with in the past. Some people may think this is self-evident. However, if you’re an introvert like me, having a clear list of places might be beneficial because it removes some of the mystery and anxiety associated with potential contacts.Even if you’re a naturally outgoing person, you may not be aware of all the venues where you can meet people in college. You can go to places apart from classrooms and dorm., like college events, internships, industrial visits etc.

Join a group or organization that inspires you.

Going to club meetings is one of the finest ways to go out and meet like-minded people who share some of your interests. Attending meetings of clubs and organizations gives the necessary common ground for initiating talks.

  College hangout places!!!

There are a lot of food outlets or malls outside the campus where you can meet new people and make new friendships!!  As they say in order to gain love and trust, food is the only way!!

So these are some things which we have done in our colleges. Do you have any new plans of getting into friendships? Comment below!!!

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