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It is common for most people to say that your college life will be the most exciting, fun and enriching years that you will experience. And though you will find other exciting opportunities during the course of your life as well, we definitely agree with the fact that college life is special and the experiences and memories that people receive from their college years are unparalleled.

But as a student, you may wonder what the best things to do in college are. Maybe you’re someone who’s looking to study very hard and eventually ace the exams or maybe you’re someone who’s more laid back and mainly wants to enjoy their college life with little focus on classes and studies.

Whatever your poison may be, there will definitely be something on this list that may interest you. But before we do list out our favourite things to try out in college, we would just like to say that college is a different time for everyone and regardless of what you do, all you need to make sure of is that you’re satisfied with the way that you’ve spent your college days.

But with this being said, let’s dive into some things that you should try out during college:

For Fun:
  1. Sneak onto the roof of the highest building in your college. Spend a couple hours or even overnight if you’re up for it.
  2. Befriend a professor of yours. Bonus points if it’s a professor that has just graduated from college themselves as they will have some valuable advice and wisdom to share.
  3. Go to a college sports event and cheer your college on with some college bling. We’re talking face paint, college jerseys and anything else that you can get your hands on.
  4. If you do go to a college sports event, trash talks the opposing college if your college wins and say that it was only out of pure luck if the opposing team wins.
  5. Attend a student-produced play. Other theatre features such as street-plays and musicals count as well.
  6. Attend a student-protest or demonstration. Be a part of the causes that are put forth by your fellow campus-members.
  7. Meet some people from your college in online forums dedicated to the college. You never know, you may even end up with a date.
  8. Speaking of dates, tinder and online dating, in general, is not a bad idea in college either.
  9. Take a picture with your college mascot. If your college doesn’t have a mascot then you can probably settle for a picture with the college chancellor.
  10. Take a trip with your friends. It can be a nearby hill station or if you have the time and money, you can even travel to a new country. Click here if you need some help with the expenses.
  11. Visit the restaurants and café’s that are close by to your college.
  12. Spend a major holiday with your college mates. Our best recommendation is Holi or Diwali for this purpose.
  13. Attend a few college parties. The party doesn’t have to be held by the college itself. The best parties on campus are the ones held by students anyway.
  14. Spend an entire night watching your favourite movies with your friends.
  15. Speak to someone new in college. Here is a link to our guide on making friends in college.
  16. Find out what you’re passionate about. Pursue and get good at it. Show it off on your last day of college.
  17. Attend the main college festival hosted by your college. It’s a great way to meet people from other colleges too.
  18. Take advantage of any campus discounts or offers given to you by your college. For example, in SRM University you can get a 30% discount on food and drinks at the restaurant in the SRM hotel if you show your ID card. Check out whether your campus offers something similar.
  19. Go to another college’s festival. Visiting other colleges in general during your college days is definitely not a bad idea either.
  20. Perform at an open-mic event. Even if you’re not particularly good at public speaking, the experience of doing something at an open-mic is always fun.
  21. Bunk class once to meet your friends or even your girlfriend/boyfriend. You won’t regret it.
  22. Pull an all-nighter before an exam. Nothing portrays you more like a college student than all-nighters.
  23. Decorate your hostel room. The decorations don’t have to be fancy at all. You can even attempt to make your own decorations and posters by yourself.
For Serious Purposes:
  1. Take up an on-campus job. This will help you in your career later on.
  2. Do some volunteer work. Check out in your college if they know of any charity organization that requires volunteers.
  3. Get to know the career counsellor/academic advisor in your college. Ask them for guidance with your career if you’re looking for advice on such topics.
  4. Take up an internship. This will mostly be necessary to do as most colleges require you to prepare internship reports as academic projects on which you will be graded.
  5. Participate in college events. Whether it’s emceeing the event or presenting something, it will always look good on your resume.
  6. Eat healthy every day. Make sure to eat 3 meals a day or if you’re someone in a major time crunch, 2 meals should suffice.
  7. Exercise regularly. In fact, see if you can achieve any particular weight goal that you’ve always wanted to.
  8. Attend every class for a month. We know that we just said that you should try out bunking too but let’s face it, attending every single class without fail for an entire month is probably harder to do.
  9. Do some job-shadowing. It’ll help in learning some essential skills that you can employ when you’re working in a similar position yourself.
  10. Become a teacher’s assistant. You will learn a lot more about the particular subject you’re assisting your teacher with.
  11. Form a study group with some classmates or batchmates of yours.
  12. Join a student organization or club that is present within your college.
  13. Attend workshops and seminars held by your college. Volunteering to help out with these events is also an option.
  14. Send out cold emails to people you admire. A cold email is an email that is sent to someone without prior contact. See if someone you admire has listed their email address online and contact them.
  15. Revise whatever you learn daily. Take a look at our article on note-taking if you struggle with taking notes in class.
  16. Learn to wash your clothes without a washing machine. It sounds a lot harder than it actually is, but it is a worthwhile skill to have in college where washing machines are quite rare.

And lastly,

17. Learn about your credit score and how it affects you as an individual. Check out this article on having a good credit score as a student for more information.

At the end of the day, what’s important is that your college is memorable and you’ve enjoyed it to the best of your ability. But with all of this being said, we would like to wish the best of luck to all of you wonderful students who are starting college this year. Don’t worry, being nervous is absolutely normal but in the end, you’ll end up having a great time anyway. And once again,

Thanks for reading!

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