Tips That Are Essential For Campus Safety, why is campus safety important, general campus safety tips, campus safety essay

College life is generally quite enjoyable and you’ll definitely experience your share of fun while studying in college. However, as much as we would all love to say that our colleges are crime-free, this is obviously not the case. Many students still face issues such as harassment, burglaries and even rape in some cases during their college lives. Safety in college campuses has become a major pressing issue in our country and it is for that reason that we have decided to prepare a list of tips for you college students to ensure that you’re maintaining your safety while on campus. Here are some methods to ensure that you remain safe while attending college:

  1. Consult your college campus safety office: This is news to us too, but apparently, every college is mandated to have a department that is responsible for the safety of students. If you do have some difficulty in finding the office, do not shy away from asking your teachers or any staff members for its location. Finding out what type of safety programs they have will also provide you with an added sense of security when you are on the college campus.

2. Night Time = Bad Time: Now obviously we’re not saying that you must completely avoid going out at night because that is clearly not possible. But regardless, it is a well known fact that crimes such as assault and rape are more common at night and so, we do recommend trying to limit the time you spend at night outside. Or if you do have some necessary engagements to attend at night, bring a friend along with you, which actually is a perfect segway into our next point.

3. Bring some friends when you go out: Using the buddy system where you and a friend of yours are responsible for each other and essentially look out for each others safety is a great way to stay safe in college. To make the buddy system work, you and a close friend of yours should always keep track of each other and ensure the other one is safe when attending a party, a seminar or even just going out for fun. In this case, we definitely think that the more friends you can bring, the safer you will be. So unless you’re trying to do something funny, bring a buddy!

4. Carry extra money for emergencies: Running out of money can lead to some terrible situations. Imagine its late at night and you’re stuck with walking all the way back to your hostel just because you forgot to take cash to catch a cab or an auto. Keeping extra money on you when traveling will essentially give you a little bit of extra security when you’re outside.

5. Carry Pepper Spray/Pepper Gel: Purchasing a can of pepper spray or pepper gel will allow you to have your own defense mechanisms in the case of an attack or a robbery. Pepper Spray is said to be several times hotter than red chili which essentially means that if you do carry some pepper spray and use it (by spraying a whiff onto someone’StuCred Apps eyes), anyone even attempting to attack or rob you will practically be blinded for a week. Although do be careful of what type of spray or gel you are purchasing as some shops do get regular pepper spray confused with sprays or gels that are meant to combat bears or wasps. These will not be as effective on the average person as compared to authentic pepper spray. But with all of this being said, pepper spray is definitely a great way to defend yourself. Just don’t spray anyone by mistake and you’ll be good to go.

We do believe that one-day colleges will be safe enough to the point that articles like these may not be a necessity anymore. Until then, we also believe that it is definitely important for you to keep caution to avoid these types of issues when in college. We hope this article has been helpful to you and we wish you happy and safe college life.

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