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Working as a team can be rewarding, but it comes with its own challenges. It is important for every member of the team to contribute and share the burden while providing useful input and ideas of their own. While talking about group projects from our college days, almost all of us at the office cited coordination as the biggest issue. These are some apps that solve this very problem. They facilitate project completion with ease and eliminate most obstacles.

Check out the apps that could have helped us back in the day!

1. Trello
Available on: iOS, Android

Trello’s main features include cards, boards, and lists, all of which help you organize the projects you’re working on efficiently. As you create a board, you have the option of inviting members to view it as well as assign them tasks. You can prioritize tasks by importance and let all the team members view the same. Packed with features to maximize efficiency, Trello is the number one app for team-based projects.

2. Asana
Available on: iOS, Android

Asana makes it easy to stay on top of your work at any time of day. It is especially effective for “team-based work management” by keeping tasks organized, assigning tasks and keeping everyone informed of the deadlines. Packed with useful features, visual mapping is an especially efficient one. It allows the charting of steps in each project for smoother completion. A new feature is Timeline, letting you keep track of every aspect of the project right from the start.

3. FlowDock
Available on: iOS, Android

Flowdock is essentially a messaging service for professionals. You can chat with your colleagues in real-time while utilizing FlowDock’s special features which include Threads, tool belt customization, and instantaneous screen recording and video chatting options. Keeping you constantly connected with your workplace, Flowdock makes communication easier than ever before. Its integration feature allows other productivity apps/tools such as Asana and Trello to be incorporated into the app letting your teammates view all your activities.

4. Bitrix24
Available on: iOS, Android

Bitrix24 keeps you connected to your workplace 24×7. The app aside from basic functions such as sharing calendars, planning meetings etc., also lets you access any and all documents, contact anyone from the company employee directory, and even doubles as a Mobile CRM. Highly professional the app is used by companies to stay on top of work from anywhere. You can even approve and deny requests made! It essentially functions as a full working environment in the palm of your hand. This is the best app for coordinating projects for your elective classes when your teammates are from various departments running on vastly different schedules.

Missed out on your go-to project app? Let us know!

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