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College is obviously meant to be a time of learning and exploration. beyond your textbooks, college days have a way of sneaking in lessons that you don’t realize you’re learning. If only some lectures could do that too, right?


Here are 5 things you’ll learn by the time you graduate!

1. Time Management

Probably the greatest gift you’ll receive along with your degree is the skill of managing your time. Most likely, you won’t be conscious of it. You will know how to deal with your academic, social and college activity calendars like a pro. An advantage that will come into play once you start working and timetables are no longer a part of your daily vocabulary.

2. Most Faculty Members Will Help You, You Just Need to Ask

Faculty Members know the ins and outs of your college. From what makes the management tick to which book in the library you need to borrow for reference. Most of us carry the notion that college automatically means that you need to be independent. While that is true, the idea independence is separate from asking for help. Your department faculty won’t mind answering a few extra questions… as long as you’re not calling them up at midnight to confirm portions for the test in the morning.

3. Picking Electives as Far Away from Your Core as Possible

Electives in college are a great way to make new friends and learn something interesting. That being said, try picking electives that are not directly aligned with your core subject (if you have the option to do so). For example, if you’re degree is going to be in Commerce, why not take up Astrophysics as an elective and learn about black holes? You won’t feel like you’re drowning in many versions of the same story and in many ways, it’ll help you understand the world better.

4. Importance of Extracurricular Activities

If you were anything like me, you shied away from anything that wasn’t compulsory and made yourself a cheerleader to your friends who participated. This is a great way to be a good friend, but it restricts your own personal development. In college, you feel more mature and therefore more comfortable in your own skin helping you let go of any inhibitions and become a participant. Use it to find what you love, whether it is a performance art, a sport or even a club.

5. Stepping out of My Bubble

An interesting thing in college is that you no longer have the comfort of being surrounded by the people you grew up with. It’s like the first day of kindergarten all over again. New clothes, classrooms, and the environment. This pushes you out of the bubble whether it’s for a group project coordinating with students whose work ethic is wildly different from your own or having to present your term papers in front of an audience; college will make you feel uncomfortable before making you confident.

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