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Every other motivational poster tells you to live life regret-free. That’s a good way to approach life, but unless you had one of those physical posters that hung in your room even before you learnt to read, chances are there are a few things you wished you did at some point or the other. Some may be small things like calling a loved on more often while others are really big like wanting to be the youngest to climb Everest (no one? Just me? Okay then).

Here’s a short and recurrent list of general regrets from 20-somethings just out of college to help you learn from their mistakes!

1. Learn a language

Your capacity to learn in college is incredible. Mostly because your mindset (even for the last minute crammers) takes you a long way. You know you have to open your textbook eventually. The same way, trying to learn a language during your college days can be much easier than finding time once you’re in a 9 to 5 mindset. Find classes that work for you and if you have the opportunity take an in-person class because the most important part of language learning is engaging in conversation.

2. Travel

We’ve all heard the saying that travel teaches you more than any lecture. However, fitting a leisurely travel into the semester may not always be the easiest option – if you are interested in that check out 3 Ways to Fit Travelling into your Schedule and Budget. Besides travelling more, many graduates have regrets of not exploring the space of solo-travel. If you want to experience travel but also learn about the local culture and spend quality time, exchange programmes are plenty these days. Whichever category you fit into, find a way to make it happen.

3. Sit for Campus Interviews

If you know you’re going to start your own company, head straight into your Master’s or even seek employment outside of campus interviews, sit for them. These interviews are the best way to understand the type of questions companies are asking as well as to test yourself in an unfamiliar surrounding.

4. Self-Care

College is a carefree time… literally. Students tend to prioritise everything over self-care. Whether it’s being responsible for your own doctor’s appointment, giving yourself some downtime or the simple act of a skincare routine, most people learn it after college. Get a head-start on this and your body will thank us.

5. Participating More

Participate in anything or participate in everything. It doesn’t matter! Just as long as you participate. On-campus or off, with friends or alone. Find something you enjoy and let it be the activity you can run to between studying and binging on Netflix. This can include anything from joining college clubs or volunteering nearby, just as long as it makes you happy!

Is there anything you want to try before graduating? Let us know!

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